Natural Makeup – Long-lasting & Quality Organic Makeup for Sale

It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions or not, truth is you need to mindfully choose your skincare products. Giving your skin the TLC it deserves with carefully chosen bits and pieces of cosmetics based on skin type and ingredients means ensuring your youthful looks, along with health and well-being.


So, it’s not just important to adopt a combination, dry, sensitive or normal skincare routine in your lifestyle but adopt one of quality too if you want to get the ideal results. Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to stick to traditional cosmetics when you’ve got such a wide range of organic beauty products to pick from, from moisturisers and cleansers to makeup, sunscreen, nail polish and lipstick.

All of this offered by both Australian and international brands and packed with natural active ingredients that you can easily find at trusted retailers and stores. In case you haven’t made up your mind yet on this option, stick to the end of this blog post to find out all the reasons you should make it your main choice.


The Affordability

Yes, usually when one thinks of organic there’s the impression the price tag is hefty which is far from the truth. This has to do with the fact many people are now interested in organic, and this enormous demand leads to a bigger competition thus resulting in more options of natural makeup and cosmetics in general on the market at affordable prices.

The Ingredients

The difference between organic and non-organic beauty products lies in the choice of ingredients: organic vs. synthetic respectively. While the first can contain more than 95% of natural ingredients, with the latter it’s the opposite – meaning it contains almost the same amount of synthetics.

For instance, while organic beauty products can enrich your skincare with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the artificial ones are full of bad ingredients, in the example of endocrine disruptors like phthalates, parabens and artificial fragrances that can cause premature skin ageing among other unwanted issues.


Still, not all that’s sold as natural is truly natural and a word of caution is to pay attention to the ingredients on the packaging when purchasing. Remember to pick certified in order to have the peace of mind that what you buy is made from organic plants that are grown without the use of any toxic chemicals.

The Benefits for the Skin

Having in mind the skin absorbs a great amount of the skin care you apply, being prudent with your purchases is the least you can do if you care about your health. When you acquire organic care products you don’t have to worry about the longer use; they won’t do your skin or body any harm, be it through irritation, inflammation, or endocrine issues, and most importantly, you’d be more impressed with the results with time. Healthy skin with healthy glow is what I’m talking about!


Okay, this isn’t to say such skin care can’t by any means result in allergic reactions, but when it does it’s because of a specific natural ingredient you might not be aware you’re allergic to. Since we’re all prone to developing some allergies throughout our lives, it’s always recommended to do a skin patch test first when you introduce a new product to your routine.

The test is pretty simple: apply a bit of the chosen cosmetic on the inside of the elbow and wait for a couple of days to see if you get any itching or redness that point to a skin allergy. If you’re lucky enough not to experience any such sign, then go for it!


The Benefits for the Environment

As I already mentioned, organic products are made from organic ingredients, like essential oils which come from organic plants; in other words, this kind of beauty care is also good for the environment considering the plants don’t grow with toxic pesticides and fertilisers which have a huge impact on the soil and water


When you decide to incorporate natural cosmetics in your life, unknowingly you’re also supporting organic farming and sustainability. When I say this I mean you won’t have to worry about your carbon footprint if you opt for this shopping decision in the long run!

The Benefits for the Animals

As it’s long been discussed, traditional cosmetics packed with man-made ingredients are only made safe for humans after first being tested on animals and the whole process is inhumane to say the least. Since natural makeup products and skincare are made from safe ingredients, there’s no need to test them and by making this change in your beauty care, you’re showing your support for the cruelty-free cause and industry.

The Positive Changes in Your Life

Don’t be surprised if incorporating natural care inspires you to make more changes in your lifestyle by adopting more organic and sustainable products and changing your habits. Caring for your beauty inside and out starts from a handful of carefully picked lotions, shampoos, body washes, lipsticks, moisturisers and toners.