Men’s Scrubs: Look Stylish While on Duty

Working in the medical field means coming into contact with all sorts of pathogens and hazardous materials daily. Scrubs are there to protect health workers from cross-contamination and provide comfort during their busy working hours. But working as a male nurse doesn’t have to mean you can’t look stylish in your workwear. It’s important to look good and feel good and wearing a matching men scrub top with pants can make a huge difference in your overall aesthetics.

What Are Scrubs and What’s Their Purpose?

Men's scrub top

You may have noticed that some healthcare workers wear scrubs in different colours than others. That is because there are surgical and non-surgical scrubs and they help identify the roles in the hospital. For instance, surgeons usually wear green scrubs, while non-surgical scrubs come in a wider range of colours and designs. Pink and red scrubs are worn by the maternity department, and the medical staff working in medical wards wear blue scrubs.

Medical workers come into contact with patients with various medical conditions on multiple occasions every day, which increases the likelihood of spreading the infection to them. That can happen through handling medical supplies, taking out blood from a patient, or any other endeavour that involves contact with hazardous materials.

Why Do Scrub Tops for Men Usually Have a V-Neck Line?

V-neck scrub top

It’s very common to see medical healthcare workers wear scrub tops with a V-neckline. You may wonder why is that. A men scrub top with a v-neckline adds definition to the look and it’s very flattering to the body as it lays flat on the chest area. It adds a little fun touch to a usually very plain-looking workwear. It looks more aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and elegant and it still looks very professional.

The V-neck design is also the most practical out of all and offers great comfortability. Medical work can be very stressful and lots of times requires running around and dealing with all sorts of scenarios and working under different temperature conditions. The constant moving around leads to sweating and heated body temperature.

The profound sweating can lead to irritation and frustration and the V-neck design allows better airflow to the chest and neck area. The airflow helps to regulate the body temperature and decrease discomfort.

Medical workers move a lot and v-neck scrubs allow greater flexibility and freedom during the movement. V-neck lines don’t tend to tighten up around the neck area and throat area when you bend as crew necks do. So it’s a much more comfortable option for busy environments like the medical field. Most V-neck uniforms come with one or several pockets, which helps with the storage space.

Overall, a V-neck is a much greater choice when it comes to choosing the right scrub top and you can never go wrong with it. However, it’s important to choose just the perfect fit and size. The V-neck cut shouldn’t be too loose and expose too much skin. It won’t look professional, it’s not flattering to the body and the exposed skin increases the risks of cross-contamination. Therefore, always go for men’s scrub tops with a V-neck line.

Factors to Consider When Buying Scrubs

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Invest in Quality Fabrics

Yes, you’ve probably heard a thousand times that investing in quality material is crucial and there’s a reason for that. Good quality materials can make a huge difference in how the uniform looks on you. Not only does it make it more flattering, but it’s important for the material to stretch to provide flexibility when moving. The material should be breathable and comfortable for everyday wear, helping you stay dry throughout the busiest hours.

If you want to cut down the time spent on ironing your uniform, choose scrubs made from polyester. Polyester is resistant to wrinkling and you can wash and wear it every day without worrying about wrinkles.

Choose the Right Colour for You

Before you go and pick the most flattering colour for you, it’s important to check if the hospital where you work has colour-coded uniforms. If that’s the case, you should follow the requirements.

If you have the freedom to pick the colour you want, be bolder with colours and spice up your uniform with colours such as wine or royal blue. If you prefer darker hues, then navy blue is the most popular choice of colours for scrubs. Either way, there is a greater choice of colours to experiment with and they all give off a clean and professional look.

Choose the Right Size and Fit

When it’s time to choose a size, you might be tempted to go for a baggy and loose fit in order to feel more comfortable. But don’t confuse comfort with improper fit. It’s important to choose a model that is flattering to your body shape and not too loose, or too tight. The size should be just enough to provide you with comfort during your busy routines and still look flattering.

Mix and Match Your Top and Pants

For a more cohesive and polished look, it’s best to wear matching scrub tops and pants. Of course, you can opt for different or contrasting colours to break the monochrome look of the uniform. For instance, you can mix a top that is in a brighter colour like light blue or light grey and mix it with black pants.

What Can I Wear Under Scrubs?

If you wear a short-sleeved T-shirt, you can layer underneath any blouse in neutral colours like white, cream or grey because you can style them with any other colour. You can also opt for a black blouse underneath if your scrub top is in a darker colour. However, the underclothes should not be visible through your scrub tops. It’s also important that the underclothes you choose to wear are not baggy and fit perfectly because baggy clothes give off an unprofessional look.

How to Properly Wash Medical Scrubs?

Scrubs should be washed every day. The water should be warm, not hot and use only cold water for washing cotton scrubs, as cotton can shrink under high temperatures. If you use a drier, put it on a medium-heat cycle, or you can let your scrubs air dry just make sure to avoid direct sunlight exposure. Also, make sure to never mix your scrubs with other clothes in the same machine load. It might look more practical, but it’s not sanitary. Germs and bacteria may spread to the rest of the clothing.

How to Remove Stains?

Blood should be removed as soon as possible using only cold water. Soak the scrub in cold water and try to wash the blood as much as possible. Rub a heavy-duty detergent onto the blood stain let it work for 10 minutes and then wash it as usual. Alternatively, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove the blood stain.

Bodily fluids are supposed to be treated with cold water and try to flush them as much as possible with a steady stream of water first, before adding a detergent. Once you are done with manually washing the stains, wash the scrubs as usual.

To remove Iodine, soak the scrubs in warm water, add a heavy-duty detergent and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, wash them as usual but this time using heavy-duty detergent and an oxygen-based bleach, to completely remove the stain.

To disinfect white cotton scrubs, use chlorine bleach. Make sure to never put chlorine bleach directly on the fibre. You must dilute it in water first and let the scrubs soak for about 10 minutes before washing them as usual.

To disinfect non-cotton and coloured scrubs, pine oil will do the job. It’s an effective disinfectant and should be used in warm and hot water for best results.

Proper care and maintenance are essential when it comes to the durability of the scrubs and be sure to always follow the instructions and guidelines on how to properly care for them.