Matching Mates: Choose a Cat Bed That Suits Both Your Styles

All of us cat lovers would like to know how does a cat decide where to sleep. You keep finding your cat in secluded corners or tucked away in your new blouse you threw briskly on the bed after work. Now you have one more thing to clean while the new cat bed you got still remains untouched.

The Peculiar Sleeping Habits of Cats

Although domesticated, cats continuously remind us that they’re still predators. Their evolution-shaped instincts are one of the reasons they change sleeping locations so often and why they sleep so much in the first place. By switching positions, they make sure that their scent is lost.

Factors that influence a cat’s sleep duration are age, time of day, time of the year, preferred sleeping location and overall health. Young kittens sleep and older cats sleep more than adult cats, about 20 hours per day. Although they were primarily nocturnal animals, cats’ sleeping habits now range from being in sync with their owners to being crepuscular (active at twilight). Moreover, your cat’s sleeping patterns could change with the seasons.

cat laying in its bed

Cats’ sleeping places range from the ground to the branches high up in the trees, from soft and warm surfaces to a cardboard box. If there are more cats in your household, you might notice that they adjust their sleeping schedule. Therefore, it’s important you get each of your lovelies a private purring palace.

And so you did. You put all this time to find cat bedding that will match your newly set up home décor. Your cat still prefers the gentle cushions on your new couch. The risk is getting serious as the safety of your furniture is being jeopardized by your cat’s kneading. The white fur is unmissable and that black timeless sofa complementing your living room is slowly running out of time.

That cat bed you got surely matches your interior but does it make your kitty feel more at home? According to Russel Hartstein, a certified pet behaviourist, cats sleep in odd places when they don’t have a bed or place they prefer.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Cat Bed?

Every kitty character and behaviour is different. If it curls up into a ball, look for an oval cat donut bed. If it likes to nestle under covers, try a box bed. If it’s a curious explorer or likes to stretch out, a window cat bed, being a little higher on the windowsill might be the perfect solution.

cat sleeping in its bed

The bed should be large enough so your cat can stretch out or small enough to curl up. A bigger bed is the smarter option for a larger breed. If your cat is older, it’ll need an orthopedic bed while that’s not something you should worry about when it comes to a juvenile cat.

Natural materials like cotton or wool are a great choice for your feline friend as their noses are more sensitive. Nonetheless, if it hasn’t yet bothered your cat, plush polyesters are a popular choice that may not be on the natural side, but they’re definitely leaning on the comfy one. Spare yourself some time and energy and buy a cat bed that’s machine washable.

Here are some cat beds that can match your style preferences and your cat’s purrferences:

Cat Donut Bed

The plush lining, soft borders and bolstered edge make a cat donut bed a cozy nest for your feline to rest. The extra support, from the back or in the front, where they could easily rest their chins offers relaxation with a minimal neck strain, an important feature for your older or arthritic cat. Not only is it versatile and stylish enough to fit many types of home decor, but it also offers a perfect kneading spot as well, protecting other cherished furniture pieces.

Who wouldn’t want to drift off in lush plush?

sleeping cat

Hooded Cat Bed

We’ve all felt that sense of security when we put on the hood from our favourite jacket. It’s not so surprising that cats would also love that protection and semi-isolation, with an opening big enough to see what’s going on in the outside world. The plush faux fur lining provides extra comfort.

Cat Bed Cube

These types of beds can easily be transformed from a little shelter to an open style bed. The pom pom accessory will keep your cat cheerful and entertained while you enjoy the view.

Window Cat Bed

Have you ever wondered why do cats love to look out the window?

Enjoying a view might not just be a human thing. One study of over 500 cats calculated that on average, indoor cats spend 2 hours by the window. Especially important for a completely indoor cat, ensuring that it has a view will keep it stimulated. Remember, it is a creature from the wild, as are we. It needs to stay connected to its first home although it has a new one.

cat window bed

A window cat bed is a safe, elevated sleeping platform. You can attach it to any window or glass sliding door, keeping in mind the sun exposure as cats love sun bathing too.

Cat Bed Chinchilla

These ultra-modern cat beds stand out for their washability and durability. They can also be inverted, reversed and converted. The luxurious plush fur offers a more adjustable height, layering and support. Simultaneously, the opening can be reduced or increased, depending on your or your kitty’s preference.

Is It OK If My Cat Sleeps All Day?

As mentioned before, it’s normal for cats to sleep most of the day, but if you notice your cat is suddenly sleeping less or more than normal, it could be a sign that there are some changes in their overall health. Some changes in your cat’s sleeping pattern are temporary and can be caused by: moving to a new home, a family member moving out or in, getting a new cat or losing one, sudden changes in their environment and of course, seasonal changes.

If your cat is sleeping less than normal, remember to evaluate its environment, especially in a multi-cat household and make sure that there are enough comfy spots for every cat. And if things don’t go back to normal, the next step would be to visit the veterinarian.