Ladies’ Tops: Fashionable Staples for Versatile Looks

Want to be fashion-forward without going overboard with the spending? Then you should diversify your closet in the tops section. Chances are you already have a selection of favourite bottoms, so it’s easy to work with what you already have.

Whether it’s that ultra-comfy pair of jeans that you wear on an almost daily basis, the pants that you save up for special dressy occasions, or the incredibly stylish and comfortable skirt you like to put on from time to time, you can turn them into functional and chic outfits with the ideal choice from some of the versatile ladies tops you can find at the cool stores.

What Tops Are Fashionable? 

a lady wearing an elegant top

When building up the wardrobe with essentials, it’s advisable to think of something that’s stood the test of time and offers plenty in the realms of fashion, so what you should invest in are pieces like: 


Yes, we’re starting with something casual and basic but there’s more to these regular tees than we give them credit. In addition to being essential components for your leisurely combos with sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, or shorts, you can just as easily style them up by mixing them with some tailored pieces such as blazers, and trousers. 

After all, smart casual is a thing nowadays! T-shirts are quite versatile, available in an array of designs, colours, and patterns, as well as necklines, so you’ve got a lot to work with. 


If you want to take a simple look up a notch, it’s as easy as choosing to wear a shirt instead of a T-shirt. They can be found in more classy and elegant versions, like super comfy cotton, linen, and silk white shirts, or more casual and edgy denim ladies tops. Wear them on their own, or team them up with a cardy or sweater over the shoulders, and you get a neat urban look without too much effort.


A lady’s gotta have that more feminine top too, right? For that, you can leave it to the blouses. They come in all sorts of flowy designs, with various feminine patterns and details, so you’re sure to add that much-needed delicate touch to a regular look without having to go overboard with the accessories or makeup. A combo consisting of a blouse and jeans, for example, can be equally feminine when paired with a nice pair of stilettos as a figure-flattering midi dress.


a woman wearing a suit vest

Who said vests are these simple casual pieces you get to wear with your urban country-western ensemble, or your streetwear looks? Many are the faces of these chic tops for women that can even be found as tailored, elegant, and in the perfect lady-like silhouette to give you a body-hugging fit you’re sure to enjoy. Combine them with a matching pair of tailored pants, or mix things up with a pair of dark denim jeans for a modern sophisticated allure perfect for date night or fun after work.

Tank Tops

Yes, the humble tank top has made it to the list too. Truth be told, there’s nothing humble about this versatile piece which is available in different styles, with straps in varying thicknesses and with various embellishments, so you can choose how simple or ornate you want it to be. Why not get one of each then you’ve got the ideal base to work with on several looks, either worn as the top (for those particularly hot summer days) or as the base layer (for those chilly mid-season days). 

Crop Tops

If you’re not afraid to show more of your lovely figure, especially in the right parts, like showcasing your waist, or belly, then one of the many options of crop tops is the perfect fit for you. Lightweight, breathable, highly fashionable, what’s not to love about these woman tops that are all the rage now? 

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

If you’re into adding some femininity and at the same time flirtation to your wardrobe, you can show off your beautiful collarbones and shoulders in one of these tops. With or without bacne, you deserve to feel confident in your skin, and what better way to show this off than by going for this sensual element for your wardrobe? Whether the aim is to create a romantic look or one that’s boho chic, this is the piece to go for. 


white bodysuit

Tired of dealing with clumps and seams in the wrong places? Can’t handle that top that sticks out of the pants after spending time in front of the mirror tucking it nicely before heading out? Not to worry, this is the job for the stylish bodysuits that are available in all kinds of styles, from simple and casual cotton based, to the more girly and sensual made from lace. In addition to getting the needed support in all the right places, you can be sure of a flattering look you can swear by again and again.