How to Dress Modern Country and Western Style

Styles and trends are constantly changing but it seemed like they revolve in a circle and the ame ones always come back slightly alyetred. Some last for a season and we never see them again but some styles are timeless. Country and western clothing are pretty popular and they never seem to go out of style and there are some very good reasons for that.

First off, these pieces of clotng are durable. They were initialy made for the countryside in a way to withstand more than the clothing we normally buy. The second reason is that it’s comfortable and suited to your needs. You won’t come across pieces that aren’t practical or hardly serve their purpose because country clothing is made to serve you. And the last one is versatility. You can find everything you need in this style, plus, you get the chance to customise it and make it look like part of your wardrobe.

Modernisation of the Classic Items

man wearing country style

When you think of country or western clothing, you probably think of a cowboy or cowgirl. Maybe this works for some people but modern people need modern clothing to suit their lifestyle. Manufacturers are working towards modernising the classic country style, so today, you can find modern yet quality country and western wear made for everyone.

Adding a modern twist to classic items, makes country weareasy to mix and match. You won’t look like you’re wearing a costume and you’ll still be able to wear the country pieces you like. This can be done by choosing traditional pieces like cowboy boots or fringed jackets made of slightly more modern materials, those that have a pop of colour, or some other decoration that’s trendy at the moment. This way, you’ll put a modern spin on the classic trend.

Just One Item Is Enough to Show Your Style

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Everything that’s on you doesn’t have to be from the same style. Just one piece of country wear is enough to look chic. That can be easily done with a print. For example, choose a shirt or skirt with a cow print that will give you that country vibe without looking overwhelming. The same can be done with other patterns or you can try wearing just one item that’s connected to the style you’re trying to achieve. For instance, wearing cowboy boots will instantly up your dress game and make it seem like you really tried to look western but in a trendy and cool way.

Resist the urge to go full-on country with the accessories as well. Choose the one which will go best with the overall look and wear only that. That can be a brimmed hat, belt, aviators, a country-inspired leather crossover bag, or some other edgy jewellery to complete the look and make a statement.

Don’t Match the Denim Pieces You Wear

two men wearing country western clothes

Since denim is a big deal in this style, you can easily achieve the look by incorporating several such items. But be careful when wearing more denim pieces at once. You want them to have a variation in washes so they go well together but don’t look like a matching set. You can add other pieces to balance it out and make the look more interesting. For instance, if you’re wearing a denim jacket, wear a non-denim shirt underneath, and the other way around.

How to Dress Country?

country style couple with horse

The Prairie Dress – Easy and Stylish Piece of Clothing

For women who like a little bit more of a feminine flair, the prairie dress might be just right for you. This piece of country and western wear is seen everywhere lately. It has an A-line silhouette, tiered panels, ruffle accents, and puffed sleeves, but depending on the dress, there can be variations. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear, especially on hot days and you wouldn’t have to wear jeans or jackets to look country.

Tops – Western Shirt Is the Way to Go

We all know the classic western shirt. Although they can be found in various sleeve lengths, long sleeves are preferred because they give off that stylish and serious vibe, compared to short sleeves which some might find looking childish. Plus, you can always roll up the sleeves if you feel hot and still look good. Plaid designs are favourites when it comes to the design but don’t be afraid to wear a nice monochromatic shirt for a clean look. Cotton and linen are commonly chosen materials because of their quality and breathability but flannel is preferred for the colder months.

Bottoms – The Classic Jeans

For the bottoms, jeans are the most common choice. Since we wear them on a daily basis, it isn’t a challenge to incorporate them into the look. They’re practical and comfortable but for a modern feel, don’t go with some overly embellished designs. You might have the misconception that country or western means more details on everything but, as mentioned, just a little is enough to get the right look.

Cowboy Boots – The Item You Definitely Need

Durable and comfy shoes are what you need to complete the look and no country attire can go without a good pair of cowboy boots. Authentic western boots are usually more embroidered but, nowadays, you can find many designs that have a different take on the trend. This gives you an opportunity to experiment and find the pair that suits you most. If there are other pieces in your outfit that get the attention, stay clear from boots with a bold design. To wear your boots in multiple ways, choose sleek and simple designs that will go well with a variety of other combinations. Also, make sure you buy from a recognisable brand so you know your cowboy boots will last.