Expert Tips on How to Customize Your BMX Bike

It’s not unusual for youngsters to desire a unique BMX. Luckily, today there are many ways and tools to help you do that. You can change your ride’s colour or add different parts to customize your ideal BMX.

Getting The Parts

You don’t have to follow a particular sequence when you are buying the parts for your BMX. Of course, you must check if they are all compatible before splurging, but that’s about it. Compiling stock parts for BMX is relatively easier than doing so for other micro-mobility solutions on the market. Make sure to get the right specifications, measurements and weight.



This part is a good starting point when you’re looking to buy BMX parts. Street geometry rules these days, however, you might want to delve deeper into the properties of the frame to create a bike that will last. Your best bet is to go for a full CrMo frame with a heat-treated integrated head tube. The height of the rider along with the size of the frame will affect your choice of crank length, bar rise and width, stem length and top tube length.



Rims and tires are some of the most important parts when putting together dirt jumping and freestyle BMX. The make of the rim and the number of holes for spokes will affect your ability to put the strength of the bike to the test. Slick options have a double wall and are welded together.

In tires, look for tread and grip. A thick tread provides a better grip on loose surfaces. It all depends on the surface on which you will mostly ride your bike.



This is one of the most iconic BMX parts. And not just in terms of visual appeal (and motorbike-like aesthetics), but also as it relates to handling style. Choose your handles according to your heigh. Positioning the seat, the pedals and the handlebars is very important for ergonomic support and maintaining good body posture.

There are two-piece and four-piece handlebars. In theory, two-piece handlebars are stronger because they have less welding points. However, it’s highly unlikely you‘ll put any of them through enough stress to break them. Street wisdom says that BMX handles failure is more often seen in the stem clamps or grips.

To avoid this, go for high-quality materials like multi-butted heat-treated Chromoly bars. Many BMX riders worry about the overall weight of the bike, but lightweight hollow tubing will not last long. Especially if you do stunts.



Most people go for lightweight plastic pedals. They have a large comfortable platform and are not heavy. BMX pedals are made from a nylon and fibre blend that is shin-friendly.



Along with pedals, grips are the most easily customizable item on the list. They are designed as plastic push-in style bar ends that come in a wide array of colours and can transform the visual appeal of your bike in an instant.

Crank Set and Chains


These go together and it’s recommended to get them at the same time. Most cranks, chainrings and chains can be adapted to fit properly. However, if you don’t pay attention, you can end up with an incompatible set. The crank and chainring have to be sturdy to take the beating, but also lightweight as to not put extra load on your system.

You can even include gearing as long as you make sure the tooth of your chain can handle it. Freecoasters prefer not having any gears because this will allow them to roll backwards.



You will have to sit down at some point, even if you prefer to ride with your feet on the pedals. It’s very important to have a BMX seat that is set to your height. They come with a steel post that can be adjusted. You can find seats made from lighter materials if you’re after a thin and light bike for stunts.

These would be the basics of putting together a BMX bike. Do note that you will find that everyone has their vision of the perfect bike. Those that are interested in documenting their stunts would insist that attaching a camera is as essential as proper bike parts are. Riding styles differ and priorities can shift over time. So do keep an open mind and practice flexibility. It’s the only way to get the BMX bike of your dreams.