Everything You Need To Know About Cushions

Don’t you just love the comfort and the coziness that cushions offer? Simply you cannot disregard the fact how much warmth and decor they add to the overall look of a room. But beyond their decorative function, they also provide us with support when resting on the couch or the floor. So, let’s take a look at some fun facts regarding these cute little home accessories.

Bohemian Cushions Australia

  • Cushions originate from the period of the early Middle Ages, when they were exclusive to the manor houses and palaces.
  • In the 17th and 18th centuries in Spain and France, cushions were used as seats.
  • In the Spanish court for instance, only a highly privileged person would have the opportunity to sit upon a cushion.
  • In France, cushions were used for establishing close relationship to the king – when a person was allowed the privilege to kneel behind the king on a cushion.
  • Although cushions might have lost their genuine noble aspect long time ago, as a decor item, they still manage to sprinkle some royal dust upon a living room. Not a soul would disagree that throwing a few cushions here and there makes the whole space appear more expensive and luxurious.
  • The fun part about cushions is that you can get playful with them. They can be used to soothe or liven up the surroundings, depending on the setup you’ve had beforehand.
  • If you want to add some bohemian feel to the place, you can pair some uniquely designed bohemian cushions Australia made pieces with some natural elements as decor and immediately witness the exotic transformation of your space.
  • In ancient time, the cushions that were used in the royal palaces were big enough to sit on them just like you would sit in a beanie bag nowadays.
  • In modern times, we witness the rise of the miniature and cute cushions, some of which look more like a mere piece of decor rather than a soft spot to use for relaxation.
  • Apart from the much preferred bohemian cushions Australia designed pieces that are used to add spice to almost any kind of surroundings, there are also cushions used for zen meditation. These are called zafu cushions and are usually small and round or square.

Cushions should be a room’s centerpiece, they can express a hint of eccentric spirit and make your living room shine with uniqueness and style. In fact, they probably never lost their royal status – no matter how subdued the color, cushions will always find a way to attract the eye. Whatever your interior design style may be, you can never go wrong with adding some cushions to it. These small pieces of art seem as if they were made to be loved by all types of interior style and disdained by none.