Effortless Gardening: Self Watering Planters to Keep Your Plants Healthy

Do you dream of a luscious, plant-filled garden but just don’t have enough space? Do you ogle those Instagram posts of living rooms and nurseries filled with plants but know you would never be able to manage that with your schedule? Have you been looking into growing your own food, but aren’t sure how that’s going to work when your backyard is already all used up and there just isn’t any space for that anywhere?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I feel you. As an avid plant lover, I always manage to find a new plant I’d love to have in the house, new food I’d like to grow for myself, or just turn a boring corner into an overflowing green space that will give me all the solace in the world.

However, immediately after these thoughts come the thoughts of the care these plants would need. Then, I remember how many times I’ve forgotten or simply haven’t had the time to water all my plants properly and then their leaves turned yellow and their stems brittle. 

Still, wishes are wishes and wanting to fulfil them, I searched the internet for a solution to my problem. I came across a very interesting solution and I’d love to share a bit about it with you. The invention that literally changed the life of my home plants is called a self watering plant pot! 

What Is It? 

Source: Glow pear Instagram page

A self watering planter is just that – a regular planter on the outside, but with a built-in mechanism inside that allows it to water the plants it houses all on its own! 

The way it works is so simple, too! It consists of a planter in which you put soil and plant your greenery as you would in any old regular planter. It has a reservoir on the bottom where you pour water – your self watering planter will allow your plants to take as much as they need. It will keep the moisture levels just right, and will make sure your plants don’t get overwatered or live in an overly dry environment.

Here’s why I liked them and what I found you need to pay attention to to get the best planter out there! 

Their Diversity 

When I first saw them, I wondered whether I’ll only be able to plant things like ferns or spider plants in them as I wasn’t sure exactly how they worked. Don’t get me wrong, even if this was the case I would’ve been over the moon as such typical home plants are more than enough. But when you’re someone who’s interested in growing their own food too, I was looking for that extra punch.

Source: Glow pear Instagram page

And, I found it! The self watering plant pot I bought is specially engineered for growing food as well! Offering me that option is what got me so interested in it!

Food and herbs are known to be a bit harder to grow on your own than non-edible plants as you need to be more careful to get the best results. After all, you are going to put what you grow inside your body! There really isn’t much room for mistake or you’ll end up with inedible crops! Still, the diversity this planter offered me was just what I needed and that’s why this is the first item on my list! 

How Convenient They Are 

I have seen DIY methods for creating your own delf-watering system before, but never actually ran into a system that functions all on its own and regulates itself so well. 

The level of convenience these planters offer expands far beyond the fact that they make sure your plants drink enough water. They allow you to have plants without worrying you’re forgetting about them, they allow you to go and travel without having to assign a friend to come over and water your plants for you, they save you time during the day, and they make sure your plants look lovely and lively constantly! 

Source: Glow pear Instagram page

Another great feature is the fact that they come in different sizes and you can also pick where to put them! If you want to mount your planter on a wall – you can. If you’d rather have a staircase-like garden on your balcony – nothing is stopping you! Want a bench-like planter with a wooden case for an extra touch of detail? No problem. Their range is big and it can suit everyone’s needs. 

The sizes also range from small ones you can put on a desk or a kitchen cabinet and grow your food and spices to big ones you can use for larger plants. This is such a great feature as not everyone has the same amount of space available, so you can really tailor your experience. 

Their Design 

When someone says “self-watering mechanism” I’m sure the first thing that pops into your head is some construction with lots of little tubes poking out here and there and not a well-designed planter at all. 

Still, these planters are well-designed and they can fit any interior (or exterior!) ever. Their self-watering mechanism is neatly tucked in the bottom and out of sight making the planter look just like any other planter you can find in the shops. 

Source: Glow pear Instagram page

What’s more, they have UV protection and are built to last. With a sleek design featuring clean lines and a flowing shape, they can fit in with your decor no matter what the style of your home is! From minimal to vintage, from contemporary to shabby chic, from natural to rustic – they’re there for everything and they’re there to look good! With the options for mounting I mentioned before their diversity and thoughtful design are proven once again!

I’d really highly recommend you try out these self-watering planters for yourself and see how good they really are. Diverse, convenient, and so well-made, they will be something you’ll have no idea how you lived without until now!