Different Types of Concrete Trucks

While concrete mixers are machines used for blending concrete, concrete trucks are vehicles used for blending and transporting large volumes of concrete. Concrete trucks are widely available in many different sizes, so you can choose one that fits your requirements best. They are most commonly used on construction job sites and are perfect for large-capacity applications. They can also be used for producing small amounts of concrete for small-capacity applications but this is not cost-efficient.

Concrete Trucks AU

There are many different types of concrete trucks suitable for different application. To find a concrete truck for sale that will best match your business requirements, you first need to get familiar with the basics of each concrete truck type. Let’s get started.

Rough Terrain Concrete Truck – For larger projects and applications taking place on difficult terrains, the rough terrain concrete trucks is the obvious choice. These 4×4 wheel drive self-loading concrete trucks are equipped with comfortable cabs to make the operation smooth. The rough terrain concrete trucks can even move on the most threatening terrains (steep climb) without the risk of spilling concrete. They can load, mix, produce and discharge large amounts of concrete on a daily basis over 100 cubic meters. Since they are featured with electronic weigh batching equipment, these concrete trucks produce accurate mixes of any grade of concrete.

Standard Transit Concrete Truck – The standard transit concrete truck is a vehicle used for producing and delivering concrete for jobs where standard volumes of concrete are required. This concrete truck for sale comes in many different sizes, ranging from 2 to 10 cubic meters wet concrete output. This means that it is perfect for ready-mix concrete applications and is a cost efficient solution. Additionally, it is very maneuverable and can discharge concrete to every side to heights of over 2 meters.

Volumetric Concrete Truck – The volumetric concrete truck is better than any other concrete truck, providing some exceptional advantages. Basically, the volumetric truck is a combination of concrete truck mixer and a batching plant. It loads and stores all raw materials in separate compartments, where they are metered and then mixed into concrete whenever and wherever concrete is needed. Since this concrete truck uses as much ingredients as needed, it eliminates the expensive material wastage. The unmixed ingredients can remain stored in the truck indefinitely, until the next time you’ll be producing concrete. By producing the exact amount of concrete you need, you will reduce your operating costs. If you are looking for the most cost-efficient concrete truck for sale, look no further than volumetric concrete truck.