Creating the Perfect Ambience: How to Decorate with Floating Candles

Three floating candles


Even though through history candles have been considered a source of lighting, today they’re widely used for decoration purposes. And it’s no wonder at all since candles always come in when you need to set a particular mood and ambience and give the specific place some warm charm. However, there are a couple of different types of candles and floating ones are the most versatile type when it comes to decorating. If you’re wondering how these candles work, let’s learn a couple of things about them.

How Do Floating Candles Work?

Floating candles


Even though floating candles are very powerful for creating aesthetically appealing arrangements, the concept they use is very simple. In fact, floating candles are designed to float on water surfaces. These candles usually come in round shapes to ensure that their weight is distributed evenly as well as to remain stable as they burn rather than tipping or sinking down the water surface. And since floating candles are intended for water surfaces, their flickering fire creates a magnetic reflection on the water that is very captivating to watch.

This is not the case with the other types of candles. For instance, pillar candles may also come shaped roundly, but their weight doesn’t let them displace water and float.

Decorating Wedding Parties

Floating centerpiece


The best thing about floating candles is that they can float on every water surface, whether it’s a vase, a bowl, a dish and even a pool. On top of that, these candles are one of the most budget-friendly ways to decorate wedding venues. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and yet unique and appealing way to decorate for your wedding celebration, don’t hesitate to buy floating candles Australia wide wedding supplies stores offer.

However, getting a wholesale floating candles bulk would be in vain if you don’t have an eye for decor. This is why we put together a couple of creative ideas for turning your wedding venue into a magical space with floating candles and a couple of affordable decorations.

Creating Floating Centrepieces

We’re sure that you’ve come across a floating centrepiece at least once in your life, and you’ve wondered what kind of skills does it take to make one. The truth is that floating centrepieces won’t only add some special magic to your wedding space, but they’re also very simple to make.

For instance, floating centrepieces are always a good idea for entryways and hallways. The only thing you have to do is to take a nice ceramic bowl, fill it with water, top it up with flowers, petals and set your flowing candles afloat. Also, don’t forget to choose petals and flowers that will match the entire wedding theme. Even though when it comes to weddings, white is always a good choice, you can always break the monotony by combining whites with light pink, lavender and even orange flowers.

A floating candle centrepiece isn’t only a good idea when it comes to entryways, but they also make a great decorative element for tables. And when it comes to spaces such as tables, we suggest using a crystal vase or a glass bowl, since they’ll multiply the sparkle of the candles. If you want to double up the sparkling effect, feel free to add a couple of gems or crystals inside the vase. Top the arrangement up with a couple of petals, and you’ll see how it works its magic.

Setting a Romantic Ambience

Floating candles are ideal if you want to give your wedding celebration a romantic sparkle without spending a whole fortune on decorations.

For instance, if your wedding party takes place by water surfaces such as pools, know that they’re ideal for decorating with floating candles and very simple at the same time. Drop some red rose petals or entire rose flowers into the pool, and top the entire set up with floating candles. You can enrich the entire scene by placing the candles in candle holders before you set them afloat. Just make sure you choose romantic shapes such as hearts or flowers that will match the entire theme.

The combination of red roses and petals doesn’t only look very appealing on pool surfaces but makes for a good decoration for tables too. You can use a crystal vase and make a mini set up you can place in the centre of the table. Top the tables up with white sheets and “throw” some petals around for the most romantic effect.

Enhancing the Ambience in Your Home

Floating candles in home ambience


Floating candles aren’t only perfect for decorating wedding parties, but people also use them for decorating their living spaces. And it’s no wonder at all, since not only will they spice up your home décor, but they’ll also enhance the entire ambience you’re aiming to achieve.

Living rooms are the perfect space for adding an interesting candle arrangement. The only thing you have to do is to visit your favourite homeware shop or buy floating candles online, wrap up your sleeves and get creative.

For instance, floating candle setups are perfect to add some charm and set a welcoming ambience in your living room. You can use a wooden or a stone vessel, or your favourite ceramic bowl and set a couple of scented candles afloat. If you want to achieve a casual ambience for cozy gatherings with your friends, you can even place floating candles in mason jars, ordinary drink glasses and even dessert bowls.

Finally, floating candles are ideal if you want to be romantic and set the “right” mood in your bedroom. Just make sure you get a couple of rose-scented floating candles, place them in a glass see-through bowl or vase, top it up with rose petals, marbles or crystals to enhance the highlights and let your little candle set up be the only source of light. Set a nice bottle of wine and two glasses next to it, and you have the ultimate romantic set-up.

Now that you have a couple of ideas to use as an inspiration, it’s time to get some floating candles Australia wide homeware shops offer and throw yourself to decorating and setting the perfect ambience for different occasions.