Commercial Dishwasher Buying Guide

If you are starting any type of food serving business, there are going to be a lot of things you’ll need to take care of before you can open the doors for your customers, and creating a lovely atmosphere and a beautiful interior is just one part of it. Before anything else, you’ll need to think about all the equipment you need to prepare and serve the food – the ovens, the refrigerators, the displays and so on, depending on the type of establishment you are building. But regardless of the type, every establishment with a kitchen needs an industrial dishwasher.
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Regardless of whether you own a bakery, a pizza place, or a big restaurant, there are going to be a lot of dishes, and a good, reliable commercial dishwashing machine will ensure that your business runs smoothly. Furthermore, a good dishwasher is also important if you have a big kitchen in your office or for nursing homes, day-care centres etc. And like with any other vital piece of equipment for your business – you need to find the right one for your particular needs.

They come in different types, sizes, temperature ratings, and of course price ranges, so, when you are choosing which commercial dishwasher to buy for your business, you need to take several things into consideration. By asking yourself some basic questions about your business’ needs as well as your establishment’s limits, you can narrow down your options quite easily.


Commercial dishwashers are not the same as the residential units you’d buy for your home. While the difference in size is probably the most noticeable difference, the commercial types are also made to serve different purposes. For instance, there are dishwashers o that are specifically designed to wash glassware of any size and shape, without damaging or breaking it.

Furthermore, you can get a professional dishwasher that features heavy-duty pumps. This type of dishwasher will be able to clean extremely dirty pots and pans, which is why it’s suitable for food manufacturers and caterers. You can also get the traditional option, a commercial restaurant dishwasher. Like the dishwasher you’d get for your home, this type is the best option for dishes, but it’s bigger, so it can wash more dishes at the same time.
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When you are buying a dishwasher, you can choose according to the dishware they are meant to wash. Three are glasswashers, pot and utensil washers, crate washers etc.

Dishwashers also defer in temperatures. Whether you get a high temperature or a low-temperature commercial kitchen dishwasher will depend on your preferences when it comes to sanitising the dishes. The high-temperature option uses intense heat to sanitise the dishware. First it the dishes at 65 to 70 °C, and then rinses them with a temperature of up to 80 °C.

High-temperature dishwashers cost more and they may require more space because they use a condensate hood for the high heat. The low-temperature option, on the other hand, instead of sanitising with heat, uses the chemical sanitising agent. The temperature this type of dishwasher uses is between 50 and 60 °C. The downside of a dishwasher that sanitises the dishes with the chemicals from the detergent, may cause discolouration or harm the dishware.
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Size and Capacity

When it comes to the size of the commercial dishwasher you get for your establishment, it’s obvious that you’ll choose it according to the space you have available in the kitchen, but also on the business itself. If you are just opening the business, though, you should think ahead with all of your equipment. A dishwasher should last you at least 5 years, so you should take into consideration your future plans. For instance, if you are planning to expand, you might want to get bigger commercial dishwashing equipment.
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If your establishment isn’t a restaurant per se, and you don´t have a lot of dishes, for instance, if it’s a small bakery, a cafe, a pizza place… or for an office, a nursing home or something similar, a smaller dishwasher similar to those for home use, like a so-called counter dishwasher may be enough for you. If you want to get a commercial dishwasher for home use, this would probably be the type you should invest in.

However, for bigger establishments, like restaurants or cafeterias, there are many different bigger sizes and capacities. From pass-through dishwashers, capable of washing up to 1,000 dishes per hour, up until conveyor dishwashers that can wash between 350 and 1,000 racks per day.


When it comes to commercial restaurant equipment, skimping on cost may result in spending more money in time. For instance, while a smaller dishwasher, like an under-counter machine, may cost less, if you have a higher demand than the capacity, it will hurt your business and may have to invest in a new one. Like with anything else you buy, your goal should be to invest in the best possible quality for your budget, and, most importantly, to find an energy-efficient machine, like one that allows low-energy settings.

On top of the initial cost, another thing you have to take into consideration when you are looking for an industrial dishwasher for sale is the ongoing cost. While bigger dishwashers mean bigger costs upfront and bigger energy consumption (energy and water), seeing that it will save you time, it can be much more cost-effective for larger establishments, and much more useful and less time consuming for businesses that use a lot of dishes.

Furthermore, low-temperature dishwashing machines cost less than the ones that use high temperature to wash and rinse dishes, but the dishes dry slower, and they may get damaged, meaning you may have to replace them more frequently.