Choosing the Right Drinkware: Ceramic Vs. Glass Vs. Stainless Steel

Drinking your morning coffee or afternoon tea in an appealing and stylish mug can make quite of a difference. Your mug can be a part of your jump-start daily motivation, so investing in appealing, yet durable coffee mugs is something everyone should consider. Except for acting as motivational pieces, coffee mugs are also an affordable way to adorn your kitchen as these days the choice is huge. You can choose between the mass-produced coffee mugs or from the wide range of beautiful and appealing handmade mugs.

handmade mugs

Now, while it matters to choose mugs that can grab your attention, choosing the right material is also paramount. There are plenty of them to choose, out of which, ceramic, glass and stainless steel seem to be the most popular ones.

Ceramic Mugs

Although ceramic is the most commonly used material for creating mass-produced mugs, these days more and more small companies are turning to the handmade method of creating ceramic mugs. It’s the effort people put for the creation of such mugs and their devotion that makes ceramic handmade mugs one-of-a-kind. Usually, ceramic is the most common material for creating mugs as it can withstand different temperatures. This fact makes ceramic mugs ideal for serving hot chocolate, coffee, tea, soups, and so on. People love to invest in ceramic handmade mugs not only because of their amazing and personalized look, but also for the material’s sustainability. They are quite durable, thus not easy to break or chip. They are also extremely easy to clean and dry.

ceramic mugs

Except for this, ceramic is considered a neutral material which won’t alter the flavour of your beverages. This makes the consumer feel the real beverage flavour which is of vital importance, especially for coffee lovers. Being able to feel the real smell and taste of a specific coffee is paramount for the devoted coffee fans and ceramic mugs seem to be the ideal ones for the purpose. Classic, modern, and simple are some of the many styles from which you can choose, ranging in colour, shape and design.

Note: If you are a fan of the Scandinavian and contemporary style, you can invest in the many seagrass ceramic handmade mugs. These mugs usually have speckles on them which happen to be a natural reaction from the heat during the kilning process which gives the product a more unique look.

Glass Mugs

glass mugs

Except for glasses, over the past few years, glass has been promoted as a great mug material. Simple, elegant and transparent, glass is an affordable choice for mugs and glasses in general. Just like ceramic, glass is neutral material that won’t add to the flavour of the beverage while it enables you to always see what’s in the mug/glass. This can be quite attractive when making colourful drinks like cocktails, some interesting coffee like mocha or Irish cappuccino, etc. Glass mugs and glasses can come in a range of shapes and even colours. The main disadvantage of glass is its durability – it can break easily. However, nowadays, there are new and higher quality glasses which can allow manufacturers to create more durable drinkware options. Except for this, glass has another disadvantage – it’s not the ideal material for retaining beverage temperature.

Stainless Steel Mugs

stainless steel mugs

Last but not least, you can invest in stainless steel mugs. The most important reason why so many people decide to invest in such mugs is their durability. Besides this, another great advantage of this material is the insulation it provides, which means that it’s ideal for keeping hot drinks hot and the cold ones cold for a longer period of time. When it comes to the beverage temperature, stainless steel can even beat ceramic as it has proven to hold longer the same beverage temperature. The main disadvantage of stainless steel cups is that this material can impart the flavour, so slowly but surely your drinks may develop a different flavour after a while.

stainless steel mugs

To sum it up, all of these drinkwares have their pros and cons, so the type you choose should mainly depend on your personal preferences. However, if you are looking for the trendiest, most appealing, unique and handmade type of drinkware, the ceramic ones are the ideal choice.