Canvas Art Prints: Refined Home Decor

Canvas art print above fireplace


No matter who you are, what you like, what you do for a living, how you dress, how you like your coffee in the morning or if you even like coffee at all – the world of art is always there for every single one of us.

Never known to discriminate on any basis, art has moved us through history in ways that no other thing ever could. Both physically and emotionally, art has been a huge drive for humans through bad and good alike, expressing along the way only the purest emotions. The different art genres and movements all share something with one another, no matter how small, just like we all have something in common with someone else out there – no matter how small, so it’s very easy to find a piece of art that speaks to you on a certain level.

Because of all this (and so much more!), it’s quite natural for us to want to incorporate art within our daily lives. The easiest way to do this is, of course, through quality-made canvas wall art print!

Why Canvas?

Canvas wall prints


I have a pretty good reason for why I’m emphasizing canvas wall art prints instead of simply saying wall art prints.

Before we dive into the differences, it’s important to note that while canvas does hold a very high, if not even the very first place among art prints, prints made on high-quality paper as well as other materials like silk are also very good and should not be overlooked. However, these are both more unique ways to incorporate art into your home, while canvas prints can offer that true, painting-like experience with ease.

The reason for this is because any artwork you’re into and would like hanging on your wall was most probably painted on a canvas itself. Canvas has been the most popular painting surface since forever, so it’s only logical when you want recreation, to have it done on a canvas base.

What’s more, as a canvas is usually made of either cotton or linen, it’s a natural material with high absorbency, so it’s able to really capture those colours and bring any piece to life. When comparing prints on paper and on canvas, the difference is quite evident. The canvas prints offer a more authentic, almost 3-D kind of experience. They have a depth paper wall art prints can never truly have.

Finally, canvas wall art usually comes pre-stretched onto a wooden frame and is ready for hanging from the get-go, making it an easy and fast way toward a richer and better home.

If you don’t have a favourite or would like to switch things up a bit and you’re wondering what type of canvas artwork will match your home decor style, read on, as I have a few universal styles that will work no matter what the setting is!

Rich Prints

Abstract canvas prints


By rich prints, I understand all those heavily detailed, almost traditional-looking prints that are dripping in colour and intricacies. These prints can vary in theme from botanical inspirations all the way to fashion and the abstract.

Rich wall canvas prints are all about really adding to a space and truly making themselves the focus of the show. They are quite striking, no matter what they’re depicting, and nobody can seem to take their eyes off them.

Often found in a variety of sizes, these rich canvas artworks can be replicas of fan favourite works from the past or originals from contemporary artists. Either way, they are magnificent pieces for any home that would like to really stand out and offer something a bit different to its residents as well as its guests!


Canvas sketch of tulips


When I say sketches I don’t want your mind to wander to rough drafts or comic-book-style artworks. Sketched canvas artwork is all about incorporating plain lines with a rich background that brings the lines to life and makes the whole print look and feel almost playful.

Sketches art prints are perfect for homes with a more minimalist idea in mind, as they are usually duo-chrome and rarely use more than three colours. However, this doesn’t make them boring at all, on the contrary, it makes them extremely creative, as they explore all the ways to use one colour and bring out the maximum from it!

Sketched art prints can depict anything from greek statues to coastal motifs to architectural themes.

Digital Art

Landscape digital canvas wall art print


Now, as digital art is quite a new artistic discipline it may seem better for it to be printed onto paper, but canvas is just as good at displaying its uniqueness as digital art quite often tends to mimic real life and traditional painting, so its place on the canvas is just as deserved as that of the Mona Lisa or The Kiss on The Hand.

There are few rules when it comes to any digital canvas wall art print, so you can find them in a variety of colours, shapes, themes, and so on. They are perfect for both the traditional and the contemporary home alike, bringing their fresh breath into any space out there and putting a fun little twist to it.

Digital art has quite a huge span and is becoming more and more popular, especially when human beings, architecture, and nature are concerned. You can look for monochrome, duo-chrome, or digital art that covers every colour of the rainbow. Either way, you won’t go wrong.

To Conclude

Large canvas print on the wall


Whether traditional and rich, digital and modern, or a sketched mix of both – it’s a fact, canvas wall art is the perfect way to add a touch of culture and refinement into your home and truly express yourself through someone else’s brushstrokes! Make sure to pick your pieces according to the style of your home and either mix things up with them or make everything fall into place.

Follow your moods as well, as art isn’t anything if not an absolute mirror of our souls. Pick the pieces that say something to you and make sure to take good care of them. Even though they are prints, they still require proper care, so look for tips on how to keep the vibrancy and life of your prints and enjoy them!