Bought a New Samsung Galaxy S10? Make Protection Your Priority!

As technology is constantly being upgraded, there’s no lack of options when it comes to devices we use on a daily basis as in the example with smartphones. This means there’s plenty to choose from in terms of prices, looks and features but if you’re looking for a way to make the most of all three then the Samsung Galaxy S10 deserves your attention.

Some of the outstanding benefits that would help you choose this specific phone instead of iPhones or even other smartphones for that matter are the incredible display quality, especially the vivid colours and clarity, the triple-lens camera that’s absolutely amazing if you’re up for taking photos of unmatched quality, quick wireless charging, 12GB of RAM (you read that right!), plenty of storage and fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S10 case 1

You have to agree it makes a valuable investment and it looks stunning though no matter how tempted you may be to use it and carry it around caseless it’s not a good idea. It requires the adequate protection because the last thing you want to see is your new precious device testing gravity. This is why it’s important to purchase your Galaxy S10 case as soon as you buy your smartphone unless you want to risk damaging it.

A word of caution is not to just choose based on the colour and pattern you want to customise it with but primarily focus on the safety aspect. Doubling on protection, it’s advisable to opt for one that offers screen protection too within the design apart from being waterproof (submersible at 2 meters for 1 hour), dropproof (2-3 meters), dirtproof and snowproof since the device is easily prone to cracking as well as shattering due to its glass design of both front and back.

Galaxy S10 case UAG

Don’t forget to include your lifestyle in the decision-making on which Galaxy S10 case to buy because what suits people looking for the adrenaline rush, such as the UAG Pathfinder rugged case, won’t suit people who consider a visit to the library to be the thrill they need in which case the TECH21 pure shimmer case would do.

It’s good to rethink some of the habits you have too that have proven to be bad for devices, like going to the loo with them, carrying them in the front pockets with other items like keys, sitting on them because of keeping them in the back pockets and not having a specific place in the home for their storage so they end up being dropped.