Boost Your Collection of Accessories with Resin Rings

Since ancient times, jewellery has consistently been one of the most popular alternatives for ornamentation. Fast forward to today with the various fashion trends that come and go, it’s still a desired form of changing things up with one’s looks. Unlike other types of accessories, such as bags and sunglasses, jewellery is lightweight, easy to style, and has a huge decorative potential.

ring made of resin--

It can instantly turn a monotonous outfit into one of interest, adding much-needed colour and texture. And yet, not all jewellery is created the same. When we think of something beautiful and long-lasting, we think of precious metals and gemstones, however, you don’t have to splurge on your accessories to make the most of them. You just ought to know how and where to invest your money!

Lucky for you, fashionable resin rings are some of the more affordable and stylish trends as of late so you can easily incorporate them into your day-to-day outfits. Delicate, vibrant, and easy to wear on their own or in a combination with other types of rings and jewellery, there are virtually no limits to how you can style them which is one of their biggest advantages. And there’s more to them!

They’re Unique

The designer ring resin accessories are ideal if you prefer to add unique accents to your clothing that other people don’t own. They can give your look a personalised touch. The resin jewellery is handcrafted, so no two pieces are exactly the same, in contrast to the machine-produced jewellery made by large shops that establish a global presence by appealing to the general taste.

Even if you find two rings made of resin that at first glance appear to be similar, closer inspection reveals that they differ in terms of cut, shape, and perhaps even colour or internal resin swirls. This is what gives the rings their unique charm. The fact that these works are the outcome of the artist’s personal experience also adds to their beauty.

ring of resin

They’re of Quality

The cheap mass-produced accessories are cheap for a reason – they don’t withstand long-term wear and tear. If you spend a little more on a ring made of resin it means you buy a piece that was created with durable and carefully sourced materials. It also means you acquire a piece for which the artist invested time, creativity, and energy, even in the tiniest detail.

They’re Versatile

If you didn’t like what you saw when you saw celebrities like Bella Hadid, Chiara Ferragni, and Mia Regan wearing hefty resin jewellery, don’t panic; there are lots of other ring resin design possibilities as well as necklaces and bracelets to pair them with. They differ in size, colour, texture, and resin swirl patterns.

This implies that there is the ideal complement for each of your looks, but to get the most out of them, my advice is to plan outfit combinations before purchasing these accessories. A neutral garment can lend a tone of balance to an overly coloured or strikingly coloured outfit if you typically wear neutrals, and vice versa if you typically wear neutrals.

If you plan on wearing a resin ring on its own as a statement piece, then you should get a thicker design. If, on the other hand, you intend to stack it, pick a thinner design to allow more room for other rings. Don’t be afraid to create your mixes with other rings too as long as they look harmonious.

ring resin

How to Take Care of Your Resin Rings

While there’s no doubt resin jewellery is suitable for daily wear because of its durability, it’s still susceptible to damage. That’s why if you want to be able to wear your beloved resin ring or a set with a matching bracelet or necklace years from now, you should care for the pieces to prolong their lifespan.

Start with something as simple as knowing when to wear them and when not to wear them. For example, they can get damaged from long exposure to direct sunlight so it’s best not to take them to the beach. More so because the resin isn’t waterproof either! Don’t forget to remove and safely store your accessories before going for a swim or showering. This is particularly important if the pieces also include metals that can tarnish the resin when in contact with water.

Exposure to oils can equally harm them, so when pampering with creams or essential oils don’t leave the jewellery on. Speaking of oils, your skin’s natural oils can be just as damaging to the resin surface, so avoid constantly wearing the pieces. Before storing them overnight, remove the oil buildup with warm water and mild dish soap then dry up thoroughly with a cloth and store them in a dry, dark, cool place.