Black Is the New Black – Tips on Designing Your Home with Stylish Furniture

When it comes to purchasing furniture, planning ahead is always a good idea. You need to make sure that the pieces you buy are in the style and color that you will like for many years to come. Decorating in bold colors may seem fun at first, but looking at the same strong colors day after day can easily bore you. For that very reason, most professional interior designers recommend sticking with neutral tones and spicing up your interior with details in bold colors. Sounds simple, right? And it is, provided that you know which neutral tone to go with when buying furniture.

Black modern furniture1

I try not to be to too hasty when buying furniture. I always wonder whether, in the years to come, it will remind me of my grandmother’s brightly colored armchair, which stands out like a sore thumb in her otherwise brown living room. Having an aesthetically pleasing home is important to me, yet I cannot justify spending a fortune just because my furniture is old fashioned. Obviously, we cannot predict which style and color will be fashionable in the future. We can, however, pick a color that has constantly proven that it can stand the test of time – the timeless and elegant black. So, when I had to furnish my new apartment, I followed that advice and purchased a couple of pieces of black modern furniture. Here’s why.

It Is Elegant

The Little Black Dress popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has become a symbol of elegance and is now a staple wardrobe item. In fashion, black is considered an elegant color, and this doesn’t apply solely to clothing items. We can find black towels, sheets, pillowcases, bathrobes, and all of them share one thing in common – sophistication. It doesn’t come as a surprise that black furniture has a more refined look. Unless we are decorating a kid’s bedroom, it is a look that most of us strive for. No matter which style of furniture you choose, black pieces always find a way to fit in the overall design of the room.

Black modern furniture2

It Is Timeless

Do you remember a time when black wasn’t in fashion? Me neither. Black seems to be one of the few colors that has never been out of style. How many times have you looked at old sofa chairs and dreaded the colorful floral design? I have never seen a mostly black decorated living room and thought that the choice of colors was in poor taste. To tell you the truth, when I look at black modern furniture, I associate it with a futuristic-looking house. If I had to predict which type of furniture will be in style in the next few decades, I would say industrial and modern black furniture.

Black modern furniture3

It Matches Everything

Okay, maybe not literally everything, but it can be included in most color palettes. Trying to wrap my head around the color theory just gave me a headache. Even when using the color wheel, I am still not sure whether I am pairing the colors right. And for those who like to do a little mix and match when it comes to decorating, throwing in something black is always a safe bet. When decorating or redecorating, we cannot always buy everything brand new, so sometimes we need to make use of what we have and not simply replace every piece of furniture. If you already own a teal sofa, you can definitely consider purchasing a black ottoman.

It Hides Stains Well

It is hard to relax with a glass of red wine and some chocolate if you have this constant thought in the back of your head that you might stain your white or beige sofa. After a while, you will most likely get fed up with being careful all the time. The novelty of having bought something expensive will wear off and you will go back to being your careless, clumsy self. This is where having dark-colored furniture comes in handy. Stains like those of dark chocolate and red wine can go unnoticed on a black armchair or sofa.

Black modern furniture4

It Is Minimalist

We can’t say for sure if minimalism is here to stay for good or if it is just the fad of this decade. What we can say for sure though, is that it is easier to decorate. A minimalist home looks more organized and less cluttered. You know what they say – less is more. If you ever get tired of this plain-looking style, you can take comfort in the fact that black modern furniture can easily be “upgraded”. A colorful pillow, a sofa cover or a checkered blanket, would suffice if you wish to add some color to your home décor.