Best Sport For Your Zodiac Sign

Not every sport is for everyone, so it’s better to focus in one field in which you can easily succeed. Continue reading to find out which sporting and recreational activities are best for you, according to your zodiac sign!



Aries-born work great in a team and independently, and the only thing that is important for them is that their chosen activity provides enough adrenaline, action and proof. Aries is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success. They like rugby, hockey, kite surfing, boxing and wrestling.


Taureans want to have fun and to socialize, and possess unsurpassed persistence in achieving a goal. Bowling is perhaps the ideal place where you can meet the Taurus. There they have everything they need; fun, laughter, beer and good atmosphere. They also enjoy fishing, hunting and playing football.


Geminis are born for mental activities where the aim is to defeat your intellectual opponents. Chess is the ideal activity for them, because it opens the possibility of intellectual proof and careful consideration. They are also good in all fun and dynamic sports that require dexterity and intelligence.


Cancerians love everything associated with water. They love team sports where they can show their grace, such as synchronized swimming. Cancerians also like playing baseball and “sports” folks play at family gatherings


Leos love summer, because it gives them the opportunity to show off their perfectly sculpted bodies. They love body building, but they also like fun, active and strategic sports such as airsoft. Leos also love tennis, which is called “the sport of kings”.


Archery is the ideal sport for Virgos, which have skilfully trained eye and precise, calm hand. Virgos have a passion for cleaning and precision, which they can use in one interesting winter sports, which is called curling.


Libras love all sports and activities which include costume suit adorned with sequins. Libras are about aesthetics, style, grace, balance and they are very sensual and rhythmic. Therefore, the ideal sports for them are ice skating, modern dance and rhythmic gymnastics.


Scorpios love paintball or realistic, life-and-death video games. They also like bungee-jumping, skydiving, parasailing and playing poker.


Sagittarians are very versatile, but they quickly loose interest and are always looking for some new activity. Ideal sports for them are those who do not require much thinking, but seek quick reflexes and provide a lot of fun. Sagittarius loves exotic sports and anything that involves spending extended periods of times in the outdoors.


Capricorns love hiking and mountain-climbing; anything that involves exploring. Cold-weather sports are also ideal for the Capricorn.


Aquarians are also drawn toward cold-weather sports. However, sports that involve large teams, such as football, basketball and netball are also good.


Pisces is a water sign, so they love to participate in sports that are associated with water, like swimming, diving, surfing, boating, water-skiing and sport-fishing.