Best Home Brew Starter Kit Guide

You might know someone who has turned their entire basement or garage into a professional brewery, full of gleaming tanks and kegs, welded pipes, cleaning stations, and fridges with constantly flowing lovely foamy beer.

While it might seem like too much of equipment needed to buy, don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a fortune to make your beer at home as long as you have a brewing kit. Since the home brewing industry is flooded with different types of kits from dozens of manufacturers, the following guide will help you select the best one for your home brewing adventure!

What Is a Beer Brewing Kit?

Homebrewing starter kit

As a beginner, you will need a home brew starter kit with the right supplies to make beer on your own. It’s a collection of tools and ingredients to help you learn the process and improve your brewing skills. The fermenter is one of the most important tools in a starter beer brewing kit. A spigot, stopper, and airlock are frequently included too. The food-grade bottling bucket could be a good alternative as well.

Some homebrew kits for beginners may include mesh bags for steeping grain, thermometer, hydrometer, transfer tubbing, bottling wand with shut off valve, strong bottle capper, bottle caps, bottle cleaning brush, and sanitiser. These are the essential instruments every decent beer brewing kit should consist of.

However, sometimes starter kits can be more complicated depending on the needs of the brewer. Whichever kit you get, remember to clean the instruments regularly, and replace them now and then. For instance, bottles must be replaced every two months at the very least to keep the quality of the brew at its peak on brew day.

Why Do You Need a Brew Starter Kit?

Home beer brewing can be a great way to learn something new and develop some skills you never thought you would! The more you learn, the more tools you will add to your home brew starter kit.

Buying a brewing kit and starting to make your beer at home can help you meet new people as this activity brings together a diverse community of people. It’s one of those cultures that most people are unaware of, but those that do are pleasantly surprised.

In addition, we couldn’t ignore the business prospects. Crafting beer is a difficult skill to acquire. Because practically everyone likes beer, it’s simple to understand how you can profit from it – you can either relieve the burden of paying bills, or turn it into a source of income!

Home Brew Kit Characteristics

Many brands offer different home brew starter kits. While each product has its unique features, the majority of them share the same basic qualities. Depending on how they work, they can be divided into two groups.

The first one is a grain-based system. These kits allow the owner to process the grain themselves. It’s a start-from-scratch situation. Working with grains necessitates taking precise steps to extract the sugars.

The second group features a method that skips the grains and works directly with the extract. This is a more expensive alternative, but it is excellent for novices. As a result, you receive an already prepared malt extract.

Once you gain experience, you will probably switch to grain brewing kits. They provide you with much more freedom to make your product unique, while the range of results you may get is substantially wider.

The Advantages of Using Home Brewing Kit

Man brewing beer at home

Even if they aren’t immediately apparent, there are numerous advantages when using a beer brewing starter kit.

No Need for Large Space

Beer brewing kits don’t require as much room as you believe. You will only need a room large enough to accommodate a single bed or perhaps less!
Business Opportunity
As previously said, there is little that can prevent you from profiting from your product. Why keep it to yourself if you can make it into the finest beer you’ve ever had?

Full Quality Awareness

You won’t have to rely on other people’s quality and safety standards. You may rest assured that the beer you’re drinking will live up to your expectations because you’ll know exactly how the beer in your hand came to be!

Making New Friends

Making your beer is a great way to start a conversation. You can also meet people by offering your brews, and that’s without mentioning other brewers down the road!

Important Factors to Consider Before Installation

Brewing beer kit with ingredience

The Amount of Space Available
Even though you don’t need much space, you should still store your home brew starter kit somewhere. Attempt to find a location where everything can sit without tipping over or breaking.

The Hygiene

Make sure the space is clean and free of dust. It must also be free of any animals or insects that could contaminate your product. Finding a space that isn’t too difficult to keep tidy is the most ideal option.

The Time Available

Take a note of how much time you have to devote to your interest. Although the procedure is neither difficult nor time-consuming, you should still check now and then to make sure everything is in order.

The Room’s Traffic

Avoid placing your kit in crowded places. Otherwise, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary danger. For instance, someone could knock over your fermenter, sneezing can make you lose your product, while a curious child could open something and destroy the entire blend. With this in mind, it’s essential to find a space that isn’t used so frequently to avoid these worst-case scenarios.

The Illumination

Finally, the beer needs darkness to ferment properly and maintain quality. Your beer can go bad if it is exposed to sunlight or even a light bulb. So, try not to expose it for too long.