Best Gucci Fragrance


Gucci is a well known Italian brand, that is worshiped by both man and women. Guccio Gucci founded this luxury brand in 1921,with an outstanding line of fragrances for both men and women. Before he actually founded the House of Gucci, Guccio was a craftsman of leather goods, selling leather bags to horseman in 1920’s. His first retail shop was opened in 1938 on the Via Condotti in Rome. During the 1950’s, Gucci became a trademark for red striped webbing, that later became an emblem on the leather moccasin.

The Gucci Empire became even more successful after the death of Guccio Gucci, as it expended its operations with luxurious fashion clothing line, handbags, and shoes that became instantly popular because of high quality and perfection. Same is true for Gucci perfumes. Gucci fragrance line adds class and elegance to every woman and can satisfy everyone’s taste with the wide range of sensuous fragrances. Finding the right Gucci fragrance for yourself or your loved one, is not an easy task. One Gucci fragrance that stands out from all the rest on the market is the Gucci by Gucci.

Gucci by Gucci is one the best selling Gucci fragrance. Launched in 2007, this Gucci fragrance instantly became a number one choice for many women who love oriental and spicy fragrances. With fruity opening of exotic guava, Haitian flower in the heart and patchouli, musk and honey in the base, this sophisticated Gucci fragrance was created by Ilias Ermenidis. Aside from the fact that many celebrities prefer this Gucci fragrance, Gucci by Gucci also experienced enormous popularity in the movies, such as ”Wild at Heart” and ”Mulholland Drive”.

This awesome Gucci fragrance comes in 30 ml and 50 ml bottles and with affordable price tag. Find a good online perfume store and check if this Gucci fragrance is in stock. Due to huge popularity, this Gucci fragrance is sometimes hard to find. Do not hesitate to try this perfect blend of power and sensuality that was inspired by the timeless Hollywood glamor. People will compliment you on this Gucci fragrance, as it leaves long-lasting luxurious scent perfect for day and night.