Beginner’s Guide to Essential Protective Gear for Cricket Players

Cricket is an established sport throughout the world that It’s believed to have originated as early as the 13th century somewhere in South England. Children of the Saxon and Norman times are thought to be the ones that first started playing cricket using stone instead of a ball and branches instead of sticks for the play.

Gradually this sport has become popular worldwide as many other people in countries besides England started to play cricket, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, the West Indies, and South Africa. Nowadays, this game is played by professionals and hobbyists using special kinds of equipment, such as bat balls and sticks, and protective gear in the likes of cricket thigh pads.

Two opposing teams, each consisting of 11 members, are playing on an oval field, with a rectangular area in the middle known as the pitch. The play involves batting, fielding, and bowling. As with each type of game, cricket can be played for competition or for fun. People who play cricket may sustain different kinds of injuries due to the nature of this sport hence the need for protection.

When balls are hit hard during batting or fielding, you may become prone to sustaining injuries if you are not wearing protective equipment. Therefore, besides carrying all their essentials in a specially designed cricket bag all cricket players are expected to wear protective pieces on different parts of their bodies so they can protect themselves in case of injuries during cricket matches and practice sessions.

In order to fully maximize your protection, and ensure your performance will be devoid of any kind of injuries, you need to consider purchasing some of the crucial pieces. This article will give you a detailed description of each of these items, which should be part of the safety gear equipment of each cricket player. So, let’s have a look at which those are exactly, and what type of protection they serve.

What Protective Gear Do You Need for Cricket?

Thigh Guard Pads

Thigh Guard Pads

Thigh pads are some of the most essential pieces of gear every cricket player should possess. The lightweight thigh guard cricket pad available in different designs is a piece of protective equipment that is usually worn on the outside of the thigh close to the bowler. This piece is usually constructed of two straps, including one around the inner waist, and the other around the inner thigh that hold this guard in place.

There are a variety of thigh pads on the market, made by different brands who manufacture equipment for this and other kinds of sports. If you are looking to buy a high-quality cricket thigh pad make sure the guard is made of quality fabrics that offer both comfort and full-proof protection of your inner and outer thigh regions.

For instance, you can choose to buy the Masuri E line combo thigh guard cricket pad that is specially made for adults. This thigh pad is made using the strongest and most slimline composite of ultra pro foam and comfort foam made to offer a premium of combination impact absorbance whilst maintaining a streamlined silhouette. The different combinations of foam ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high-risk impact areas.

Arm Guards

Arm Guards

In addition to protecting your thighs, you should wear appropriate protective items for other parts of your body. Arm guards are specially designed pads that shield your arms when batting on the pitch. These are also known by the name cricket sleeves, as they provide other benefits besides protection.

They are known to improve your blood circulation and protect your skin from exposure to the sun. This product is equipped with superior elastic hook and loop straps that allow it to be flexible around the arm. Most types of cricket arm guards feature compact size, lightweight but sturdy design, and durability that offer players strong protection and guard against leather balls, without worrying about getting injured.

Chest Guard

These pieces of cricket gear equipment are ergonomically designed for a snug fit and comfortable and safe play. They’re usually worn by cricket players to protect vulnerable areas of their upper body, such as the ribs and the heart. Most of these guards are specially made using high-density EVA foam that is moulded to provide a secure fit, stability, and ultimate protection. Moreover, this piece of gear features elastic straps for easy adjustment and a comfortable fit that can ensure the players make powerful shots without feeling burdened and fearing for their safety.

Abdominal Guard

Besides these, cricket players are also required to wear an abdomen guard, so they can protect their abdominal area against the impact of the ball. They’re also called Box or L Guard for batsmen and wicketkeepers. They are usually made of high-density plastic and feature a padded edge. Their design resembles the shape of a hollow half-pear and they come inserted into the cup pocket underwear of the batsmen and wicketkeeper. The modern construction of this abdominal guard enables the player to protect themselves against injuries and feel safe on the pitch.


cricket helmet

When playing the sport, each part of your body gets vulnerable to injuries. Even if you are an experienced player and know how to play well without getting hurt, you still need to ensure yourself that you have all your body parts protected. Protecting your head is just as important as protecting the other parts of your body. Therefore, cricket players decide to wear helmets to avoid any pitch injuries.

They consist of two parts, including a “shell” and the grill. The shell part protects your head and forehead, while the grill offers protection to your face and the sides of your head. Most types of helmets are made of high-quality fabrics that offer maximum impact and sweat absorption thanks to the special sweat mesh breathing pad. They also have a nylon chin strap with an attached buckle for a secure fit and increased safety.