Baby Equipment for the Extra Prepared Parents

A new member in your family! I do not know if there’s anything in the world that can be a bigger source of happiness for a couple. A baby coming means your days will be filled with joyful emotions, love and excitement, but also with a lot of obligations around the new born’s well-being. So, instead of running around all in panic-mode about what to get and how to prepare it last-minute, make a list of the essentials, get everything in advance and keep calm. After all, you are about to be a full-time mummy to a very demanding little source of joy, which means you will need all the strength you have.

Being an extra prepared parent means having everything ready for use when it is needed. So, the list of essential things of baby equipment is going to be quite long, which is why I recommend you to get your laptop and search for everything online. You can choose in the comfort and peace of your home and have everything delivered right to your door. Take a look at the most basic essentials you will need to be equipped with from the very beginning.

Baby Clothing


Being a baby is so easy; you don’t care how you’re dressed (and whether you are, for that matter) and you don’t pay any attention whether you will stain your clothes or not. Yup, babies have someone changing their clothes all the time and these small pieces are in the washing machine almost all the time. Make sure you have a few of the following: t-shirts, pajama sets, one-piece outfits, socks, booties. Cotton pants, bibs, sweaters, knit caps, hats, zip-up sweatshirts and baby hangers. You should have at least 2 of each, because trust me, you will be changing and washing them more often than you could imagine.

On the Go

An essential part of your baby equipment is the stroller for the days when you’ll want to go for a walk with your little one. The first thing you should get is a car-seat. Some hospitals do not even allow you to leave if you do not have a car seat in your car. The next thing is the stroller. The offer of baby strollers and prams is so large you are really going to have a tough time choosing one. You will need something durable, with a sturdy construction and fancy-looking. And if you can find a 2in1 pram with a stroller and a bassinet, then you have hit the jackpot.

Baby in a Stroller


Whether when at home, when going for a walk or when visiting someone else’s home, your baby should be wrapped in a cozy, warm blanket. Make sure you have on your disposal receiving blankets, cotton blankets, sheets for cradles and bassinets, mattress pads and waterproof linens for the crib and the bassinet each. You are definitely going to be changing these frequently as well, so make sure you have more of them.


The feeding process for a small baby is a real task. Your baby equipment should include: a nursing pillow, burp cloths, bottles with newborn nipples attached, bottle brushes, bottle holders and breast pump. All these things will make feeding your baby fast and easy.

Miscellaneous Stuff

I don’t need to mention the need for diapers (lots of them), a diaper changing mat, rash ointment, wipes and cotton cloths for cleaning the baby and a small thermos for hot water. Also, a lot of cleaning pieces like hooded towels, wash cloths, baby shampoo and oil/powder for skin care, cotton cloths, and the most important: an infant bathing tub. Make sure you get something interesting for the bath tub, preferably in a lively colour or even in a shape if you can find some, because bath time with your baby will truly be a joyful experience you will look forward to.