The Advantages of Owning a Garden Shed & How to Pick the Right One

You don’t need to be a gardener to own a garden shed. Though their primary use is storing garden tools, garden tool sheds are a storage space I recommend to all of my friends. When some of them come over and look at my yard they always compliment how organized and tidy it looks. The reason I don’t have a lot of stuff scattered around is that everything that doesn’t belong inside my house is stored in my garden tool shed. There is no denying that there are a lot of advantages to having this extra storage space, here are some of them.

garden shed tool

1. Storage of tools and equipment

The primary reason for owning a garden shed is having a place to store all of your tools and equipment. In my opinion, tools don’t belong inside the house. First, because you use part of them outside. Mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, planting flowers – you do all of this in your yard. Instead of making trips in and out of the house whenever you need a certain tool, it is better to store them in a more accessible place.

Then, there are the tools for fixing up furniture and painting your house. To avoid making a mess, if I need to fix a chair or a table or even make a brand-new shelf – I do this outside. And then there are my paintbrushes, rollers and drop cloth. I do use these tools inside the house, however, to avoid leftover paint from staining my home – I just keep them in the shed. No need to wait for the brushes to dry out!

Even if you aren’t exactly a handyman and aren’t a proud owner of tools – you can still benefit from buying a garden tool shed. A shed is a great place to store your bike. I avoid leaving mine outside in case it starts raining. Constantly leaving your bike to get wet in the rain can damage it – it can start to degrade, rust and corrode.

Furthermore, you can also use your shed for storing gasoline. For safety precautions, I don’t like storing fuel and chemicals inside the house. Some chemicals are affected by temperature and humidity, so check their label before lumping them in with all of the things you don’t want inside.

2. Makes your yard a child-friendly environment

garden shed tool

If you are a parent then you are definitely aware of the importance of childproofing your living area. This includes both your home and your yard. Most children are energetic and enjoy playing and running around outside. They can easily trip on some tools you have left outside or hurt themselves from the equipment you have in your yard. You can add a pegboard in your garden tool shed to keep certain things out of their reach. Of course, the same things can apply to pet owners. Just lock up anything that is a safety hazard inside the shed to have a peace of mind.

3. Helps organize your house and yard

garden shed tool

Your yard will look tidier and more organized if everything is stored properly. Instead of having everything scattered around or in different drawers and shelves in your house and garage, you can have a designated place for your tools and equipment. A pegboard and hooks will mean your tools are in a visible and easy to reach place. And of course, your yard will be clutter-free!

What to Consider Before Buying a Shed?

1. Material

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To make this a one-time purchase, you need a shed made from a durable material. I would recommend steel, as compared to wood and plastic, it will last longer. The most important characteristic of this metal is its rust resistance. Another thing to note is that steel is fire resistant which means a shed made from this material is the perfect place to store fuels and other flammable materials.

2. Size

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This storage unit doesn’t need to take up a big part of your yard. You can pick a smaller sized shed or one that can fit under the eaves of your house. Take into consideration the number of things you will need to store and the space available for it in your yard. If you want everything to be more accessible and to have enough space to move around your shed, then you should opt for a bigger one with double doors. But if you only need a smaller unit to store some basic things, such as a few tools, then you can probably find one that is smaller and cheaper.

3. Ease of assembly

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If you have to buy a shed and then pay for someone to install it, then you wouldn’t be able to justify this expense. Yet, if you shop around you will notice that there are many sheds that you can assemble yourself. Having marked parts and step-by-step instructions will allow you to easily build your own shed from scratch.