Adjustable Beds: Extremely Comfortable Sleep That Leads to Healthier Life

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Considering how much time we spend sleeping, it is not surprising that it has an effect on our overall health. So, you need to make sure that you get a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable good night’s sleep every night. Well, electric lift beds are here to help you with that. These are beneficial on so many levels that it’s a wonder that there isn’t one in every home. Here are a few of the many health improvements that will surely get you thinking about changing your bed.

Helps With Swelling

Those of you that have problems with swelling due to fluid retention in the body, having a bed that offers elevation is practically a must. Edema is the accumulation of fluid between cells and soft tissue. This is one symptom, and if neglected can further cause more serious health issues. Patients with Edema are often advised by doctors to use electric lift beds. It allows them to spend quite some time with their legs elevated above the level of their heart – a sleep position that helps a lot.

Reduces Pain in Joints and Ligaments

The number of people who suffer from some form of arthritic pain only increases as time passes by. Well, an electric lift bed can be helpful for these individuals as well. One way to relieve pain caused by arthritis, or other joint pain is to alleviate pressure from your joints. The condition already causes inflammation that creates joint tenderness and pressure, and the normal daily life pressure comes on top of it. Luckily, adjustable beds can be moved into various ergonomic positions, which help with the whole process of getting in and out of bed and in the reduction of pressure while sleeping.

electric lift beds

Offers Multiple Comfort Levels

Even if you don’t have a health condition that requires special sleeping positions, you will surely enjoy this type of beds for the sheer comfort they provide. You can leave the bed flat if that is your preference, but it is recommended that you try the various angles so that you can experience superior comfort levels. Additionally, electric lift beds can also provide the zero gravity position – they alleviate pressure from your spine and also offer several leisure positions great for reading in your bed. You can also adjust it to sit completely up with your feet up – an ultimate position for watching TV or working on your laptop.

Helps Alleviate Back Pain

More often than not, back pain comes as a result of improper dispersal of pressure or unnatural support of the spine. Both of these lead to pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes back pain. Spinal back pain can come as a result of aging too. In time, spinal disks become thinner due to loos of fluid, and the vertebrae lose cushioning. Once you find your perfect position, where your back and spine are properly supported, you will instantly feel less pain and the pressure will be significantly reduced.