Acrylic Bathtub: Using It as a Base for Creating a Spa-like Bathroom Space

There’s no denying that bathtubs have been and still are one of the most commonly used items in bathrooms. Although shower panels took over some of the spotlight over the past few years, a lot of people never gave up on the beauty, glamour and comfort bathtubs provide. And since bathtubs are meant to last, looking for the right material is crucial. Out of all types, acrylic has proven to be the smartest investment.

What is Acrylic Bathtub?

Acrylic baths are made of vacuum-formed sheets of acrylic. Although durable, these tubs are usually reinforced with fibreglass for added durability. On its own, the acrylic material is soft and easily shaped, making it the perfect material for creating a vast array of appealing acrylic bathtubs. Thanks to the lightness of this material, acrylic bathtubs are portable and easy to maintain. Also, this material is resistant to cracking and chipping. It is affordable, available in many colours and quite durable. As an addition, these tubs are extremely easy to clean, so if you are wondering how to clean acrylic bathtub without scratching, the process is a piece of cake. The one and the only downside of acrylic tubs is that they can be prone to scratching.


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Things to Consider When Installing an Acrylic Bathtub

Freestanding Acrylic Tubs

This stylish design is a wonderful way to add personality to your bathroom and there are different sub-types and setups to choose from. Since acrylic is a type of materila that can be easily shaped, you have the freedom to choose from a large selection of fancy acrylic tubs. The main thing you need to know about freestanding tubs is that they require anti-tipping brackets to keep them from flipping when there is extra weight. Now, these brackets are quite tricky to install as they need to be installed on the floor (usually tiles) with large screws or bolts. For this reason, relying on the services of a professional and experienced builder or plumber is paramount to avoid breaking the existing heating wires and pipes.

Acrylic Drop-In Bathtubs

Unlike freestanding tubs that can be placed literally wherever you want, the drop-in models need to be placed into a custom-made surrounding. These models can be simple or more spa-like. The latter usually come with a water pump, a heating system or an air system. Since these tubs have lots of jets, checking for any malfunction and leaks prior installing is necessary.

Oversized (Massive) Spa Tub

Spa tubs are available in different sizes and shapes. There are even oversized ones which are simply heavenly. The reason for this is the level of relaxation and comfiness they offer. Usually, these tubs are designed to be enjoyed by two people so they can have the freedom to move around with ease. Those who have a glass wall in the bathroom will certainly appreciate soaking in a tub like this while enjoying the view. The main thing you need to have in mind is the size of your bathroom. Bigger bathrooms allow for bigger tubs and vice versa. So, if you have a smaller bathroom, choosing a smaller spa tub is the logical choice. Another thing to have in mind is the size of the hot water tank. If you plan to install a gigantic tub, a small tank won’t be able to handle the size of the tub.

Think Smart

Regardless of the type of acrylic bath you plan to install, at some point in one’s life, getting into a tub might become tricky. Whether you like to plan ahead or you are living with someone who has knee or hip issues, installing a shower (besides the tub) would be great. A combination like this is easily accessible, and will provide you with the choice to pick the needed bath-relaxing method.

Finally, the type of acrylic you choose will play a huge role in how durable and appealing the bathtub will be. In other words, go for the most quality one you can afford. The better the quality of the acrylic, the more resistant to scratches and damages the bathtub. That being said, sticking to reliable and trustworthy suppliers is highly recommended.