A Sharp Mind Always Carries a Sharp Pocket Knife


Pocket knives have always been among the highly useful tools for humans. They’re mainly small, easy to store in the pocket (hence their name), and have a variety of uses which only shows how misleading is the belief that knives are to be used only in the kitchen. Like in the ‘kill the bear’ movie scene in the movie “Edge”, when Alec Baldwin waves around with it in his hand boosting his ego and strength to handle a rather large and dangerous bear in the middle of snowy woods. A kitchen tool and a deadly weapon – quite the combination of purposes.

So what exactly is a pocket knife?
The pocket knife isn’t just an ordinary knife – it’s certainly not just a plastic handle and a sharp blade attached to it meant for cutting. It’s more like a tool with it’s own history and meaning for people, which is largely due to its versatility of uses. If you take a look at the folding pocket knives Australia retailers’ offers, you’ll see all kinds of modern designs, shapes and sizes of this iconic tool. Take into consideration the development of modern technology and the use of some really fine materials and you will certainly find pocket knives that are tenacious, persistent and cohesive, which means, they’re tough and tireless until they achieve your goal.

All the good features of a pocket knife
It’s easy to get confused when you search the folding pocket knives Australia retailers since there are so many types, designs, and variations in price. However, if you’re well familiarised with the features of a good pocket knife, you won’t have a problem. Some of the features of a good, solid pocket knife include durability, a lightweight construction, an ergonomic design, a high strength blade and similar. The blade can be made of skeletonized steel and is perfectly tucked inside the handle so it doesn’t create a bulky thickness. Moreover, the design of the handle has also evolved. You’ll no longer see the simple, bulky handles old pocket knives used to have, but instead, you can get a knife with something as sophisticated as the G-10 black laminate.

The benefits of owning one
It’s a knife, and in our everyday lives we use it constantly for all kinds of things – starting from the kitchen, to protecting ourselves. From here, the benefits of owning a high quality pocket knife truly are numerous.

  • A tool for camping
    You want to take as little stuff as possible with you when you go camping as all you want to do then is just relax and enjoy your time away from home. So when you need to prepare food while camping, peel off fruits and veggies, or deal with ropes, branches and similar kinds of situations, you turn to the tool in your pocket: the pocket knife. It’s a camping survival tool.

  • Fishing
    If you’re a fisherman you know just how important having a good knife is. No one goes fishing without one since you will need something to cut the line with, remove the hooks and do other tasks fishermen usually do on their adventure.

  • Protection
    Back in the old days, it was a common thing to wear a pocket knife with you all the time. As a matter of fact, there where these small pendant knives which were like a key chain or could be attached to the belt. And this is quite understandable though – protection is always a priority. Whether you carry it in your pocket or you give it to your wife to carry it in her purse, a pocket knife does not take up much space and it could certainly save your life in worst case scenarios.