7 Essential Storage Containers for Homemade Essential Oil Beauty Products

Want to give homemade essential oils a shot? Well, you’re in for quite a rewarding and satisfying hobby. After all, you’re the one who knows which scents suit you the most. And if anyone’s going to get the mix right, it’s you. Store-bought essential oils simply can’t compare to the ones you make at home because they’re tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

To get started, you’ll need the right tools. You don’t have to go all-out and create a makeshift lab in your home but it’s nice to stock up on the basics to make the whole process much easier. If it wasn’t obvious already, you’ll need containers, and lots of them. One for every new concoction you create, along with a few extra ones to help you mix it all together.

Why Do You Need DIY Storage Containers?

It’s simple really, having your essential oils neatly stored and organised makes them easier to find whenever you need them. You can even label different kinds of scents so that you don’t have to take a sniff every time to see if that’s the bottle you’re looking for. Since plastic is a premium packaging solution, most of these DIY containers are made of, you guessed it, plastic.

essential oil plastic storage container
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Plus, if you keep your oils enclosed in a container, they’ll retain their strong scent and aroma for a longer period of time. If you leave them out in the open, there’s a high chance they’ll start to fade sooner than you’d think. Just make sure the lids and caps are tightly closed so that the scented particles don’t escape the container from the sides.

Keep in mind that some essential oils will naturally degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. For this reason, you should always do your research on the ingredients and their recommended storage so they don’t lose their sparkle.

What DIY Storage Containers Should You Get?

Here’s the thing, different storage containers are used for different purposes. If you want to get the most out of your product, you should get the appropriate DIY container to store your essential oils.

Spray Bottles

Perfumes are kept in bottles like these so it’s no wonder they’re first on the list. They allow you to use your essential oils as body and room spray, filling the air with your favourite scents. Just make sure that the oils are diluted in water or witch hazel to make them last longer.

spray bottles with flowers
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Spritzer Bottles

These are similar to spray bottles, with the only difference being in the size of the nozzle. With spritzers, it’s somewhat larger which makes them easier to handle in slippery conditions such as the shower. Ideally, you should use this DIY container to apply deeply nourishing treatments to your body and hair to restore their glow.

Roller Bottles

Since you can’t exactly spray things with rollers, they’re most commonly used to apply homemade perfumes. Drugstore sticks also use the same method. Moreover, you can use rollers to apply cuticle serum onto your hair to stimulate healthy growth and volume. Some people conveniently use them to apply their skincare serums since they don’t get their hands dirty while doing so.

essential oil roller bottles
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Lidded Jars

Sometimes you have to take out the big guns and make one of those rich skincare products with deeply nourishing and moisturising properties. You definitely won’t be able to spritz or pump those so your next logical step would be to place them in lidded jars. The most common homemade concoctions found in such containers are body scrubs, heavy butters and infusions as well as bath salts. If you want to create the ultimate bathing experience, you could make use of a jar or two in your DIY container arsenal.

Pump Bottles

For oils with thicker consistencies, pump bottles are just the solution. Feel free to use them for all of your lotions, body washes and hand soap mixtures for quick and easy application. Remember to keep them on your bathroom shelves away from direct sunlight so that they don’t go bad too quickly.

essential oil pump bottle
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Finally, regardless of which DIY workshop storage containers you get, you’ll have to use dropper bottles to store all undiluted serums. If you ever need to use a few drops of oil for self-care purposes, just add a few drops with the dropper onto your desired location and you’re good to go. These are also quite convenient when you’re mixing and matching different aromas because they allow you to control the amount of oils you’re adding into your blends.

Sample Bottles

You know what they say, sharing is caring. So, if you think you’ve struck gold with some of your essential oil blends, why not share them with your closest family and friends? If you’re not sure if they’re a good fit, give them a small sample bottle to try out and see how things go. Once it’s been tried, tested, and approved, you can give them a larger container as a unique gift for any special occasion. This small token of love and appreciation will certainly go a long way. Who knows, you might even start a bubbling business from your new hobby.