3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Canvas Print

The fastest, easiest and most eye-catching way to adorn a blank wall is with the help of canvas wall art. Whether you plan to display a portrait, some dear family photo or several of them in order to create a gallery wall, canvas photo prints certainly have the power to liven up any space while showing off your artistic side and personal style. But what is canvas art print exactly?

Well, the first thing it should be cleared out is that these artwork pieces aren’t the same as canvas painting. Instead, they’re an image that is printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas. Once the desired photo is printed onto the canvas, the canvas gets stretched onto a frame that can be with or without a border frame.

What Is the Best Canvas for Printing?

What Is the Best Canvas for Printing?
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As the name suggests, these prints are made of canvas because it’s considered the strongest and most durable fabric created with hemp. Over the years, hemp was replaced with cotton and linen out of which, cotton is considered the best choice for canvas printing. However, most people these days decide to use polyester canvas because it’s a more affordable option. Plus, polyester looks almost the same as cotton canvas with the main difference of providing more vivid colours.

Why You Should Own a Canvas Print?

Whether in need to spruce up your living room, bedroom or any other space in your home, wall prints are the ideal way to personalise them and create something magnificent. Instead of opting for wall painting prints, opt for some heart-warming wall canvas prints to help you relive the best times of your life in the form of lasting decor pieces.

They produce the highest quality simulation of your original photos where all details are preserved and act as real-life wall art. Regardless of the material, the canvas itself has the ability to impeccably and thoroughly absorb colours to create a ‘true’ colour mirror image on the canvas. The best of all is that these amazing wall prints on canvas can blend effortlessly into any interior of your house.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Canvas Print

The first and most important thing you should know about this form of art is that the pixel size of your chosen photo determines the final quality of the print. That being said, the chosen image should correspond to the canvas size, otherwise, you risk obtaining a print that’s not clear. Lower-quality images will result better on smaller canvases while higher-quality image resolutions will sit great on larger canvases as well.

Choose a Good Picture Resolution

Choose a Good Picture Resolution
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Before ordering any size of canvas, first you should decide on the photo you plan to print. The chosen photo should be meaningful but also a good one where the captured subject/s is well-focused. Even if you plan to make frequent photo changes in order to create different home settings whenever you want, still the chosen photos need to be ones that you absolutely adore.

Carefully review the photo/s and look for some unwanted details in it like half heads or something in the background that shouldn’t be there. If you’re in love with the picture and you can’t recreate it, ask the professionals for help and see if they can remove those unwanted things from the picture.

Choose a Picture That’ll Complement Your Space

Regardless of the type of picture you choose, practice shows that you should match its colours to the surrounding area. While vivid canvas photos can jazz up an otherwise dull living room, dining room, hallway and kitchen, photos with more serene hues are the perfect choice for bedrooms. Given the fact that this is the place where we want to unwind, look for photos with more neutral and softer hues.

Canvas Photo Print Layouts

Canvas Photo Print Layouts
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Depending on the wall’s free space, you have the freedom to choose from a single or multi-panel canvas.

Single Canvas

A single canvas can act as a statement piece in both smaller and larger spaces. While a single canvas in a smaller space sits better because more than one feels crowded, a larger canvas in a larger space will act as its focal point.

Multi-Panel Canvases

These types of wall pieces are perfect for larger wall spaces. Whether you plan on adding one, two, three or even more pieces, you can certainly create something unique only by laying them out wisely. Depending on the wall’s free space, you can choose wall canvas prints in different sizes and shapes in order to break up the dullness of the room and make it look more appealing.

Depending on your personal taste, you can mix and match square and rectangular canvas shapes and hang them in an interesting way. If not sure how to flawlessly display them, consult with a friend or someone who has a bit of knowledge or experience in this. In the end, the Internet is full of ideas on how to arrange different prints, so doing your research might be the best idea.