10000 Reasons Album By Matt Redman

The 10000 Reasons album is a compilation of heart touching, worship songs that glorify the greatness of God and give devoted believers the power and strength to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in life. Every Sunday, millions of Christians celebrate the existence of our Father, through the spiritual songs of Matt Redman, the name behind the 10000 Reasons album.

Who is Mat Redman? First and foremost, Mat Redman is the man that continuously inspires thousands of young and spiritual souls all around the world to fully let God’s presence in their lives and let them be led by His ways. Mat Redman is the greatest contributor to the ‘Soul Survivor’ worship movement that teaches the deepest spiritual truths and reminds all Christ followers to His never-ending steadfastness.10000-reasons-album

‘Bless the Lord, o my soul, worship His holy name, sing like never before … ‘ is the most sung verse of the epic ‘Bless the Lord’ song, which is definitely one of the greatest songs from the 10000 Reasons album. It seems as if during the creation of his masterpiece, the 10000 Reasons album, Matt Redman had been thinking of all things that Christ believers need to hear to make our Father the ultimate driving force that will help them survive even the toughest moments in life. The album counts 11 spiritual, worship songs in which Matt Redman appears as a singer, writer and player along with more than 1000 worship leaders and true believers in God. There are just no words to describe Redman’s talent, commitment and tenacity.

Apart from the ‘Bless the Lord’ song, some of the most popular worship songs (highlights) from the 10000 Reasons album are also: ‘The Heart Of Worship’, ‘Blessed Be Your Name’, ‘Better Is One Day ‘ and ‘You Never Let Go’. People love these songs, as they are so uplifting and inspiring. There is no racial, age or any other boundary to listen to Mad Redman’s songs. The truth is that you will never get tired of listening to all these beautiful songs that capture the presence of God in our lives in such an incredible, even indescribable way.

Get the 10000 Reasons album and enlighten your soul with the holy touch of God.