Wood Flooring 101: How to Choose the Colour That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

So, you’ve decided that hardwood is the type of flooring you want for your home. Chances are, you’ve already discovered that there is an enormous range of wood floors to choose from – from reclaimed wild oak and hickory, to tigerwood and acacia. Plus, all of them come in a variety of designs and colours. But although this might might make it harder for you to make your pick initially, try to see the silver lining – this way you have more chances of finding exactly what you need to complement your interior design. Be it light or dark coloured – the flooring is the foundation upon which your entire design scheme rests, so knowing the ins and outs of both colour options is of the essence.

Dark Wood Floors

dark wood floors

Dark wood floors are the absolute trend and have a huge power in leaving a statement. When paired with white or neutral coloured furniture, they create the much sought after cozy and inviting homey ambiance. And since this kind of flooring looks very natural, it is easy to pair it with a variety of colours and fabrics. You can either choose a naturally dark wood, like walnut or cherry flooring, or choose a naturally light floor, such as oak and pine, and use a dark stain.

If you have children and/or pets, expect to see more dust, dirt, and debris on a dark floor. This might mean having to clean your floors more often. Over time, all wood floors present scratches or scuff marks from foot traffic – this is normal and can’t be avoided regardless of the finish you choose. However, wear is usually located on the surface of the finish, and depending on the type of floor you choose, you can do a few touch ups without having to sand the entire floor. Dark floors also tend to make a room look smaller, so think twice before installing a very dark floor in a very small room.

Light Wood Floors


Light wood floors match with almost everything and allow you to create a variety of looks. Oak and maple wood are the most popular choices but there are other interesting types as well, such as ash and hickory. Light wood floors have a timeless appeal, they can make a room look more airy and spacious and enable you to combine them with all kinds of furniture styles.

If you are a person overly concerned with cleaning, know that debris and dust are harder to spot on a light wood flooring. However, creating a very light finish can be a challenge. For example, to achieve a rich white colour floor, a coat of stain, paint and a custom sealer may be required. The right finish is essential for getting the desired look. For example, clear finishes usually give a more white look, while oiled ones will turn yellow.