Why Teak Makes the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Same as with the interior, the outdoor furniture is a big investment. Even though cheap options seem appealing, when you think of it long term it doesn’t take long to see why it’s better to invest in quality.Teak Furniture

Now, unlike choosing indoor furniture, outdoor furniture requires specific knowledge because this is the furniture that’s going to be exposed to the weather conditions. There’s also the consideraion of affordability, how sustainable the furniture is, and ease of maintenance. Teak is the wood that stands out in all of these aspects, and not only.

As it’s durable, it’s easy to work with it, so you can expect to come across versatility of teak products, from table sets, and sofas, to sun lounge chair, and outdoor bar settings, so there’s plenty to choose from to maximise your relaxation time and comfort outdoors, whether you’re up for eating in the fresh air, throwing a BBQ party, mixing cocktails, or enjoying with a good book while also getting tanned.

You have to agree the thought of sofa and sun lounge chair speaks of outdoor luxury and it’s luxury that you can afford to buy! Not surprisingly, there are also options regarding style, like ultra-modern, chic, or industrial so there’s a bit of something for the different tastes. Of course, teak furniture isn’t just about the aesthetics, but functionality too.

Sun Lounge Teak

The characteristics that make it the optimal choice start from teak’s resins and oils that make it naturally resistant to pests, along with being resistant to the harsh weather conditions, repelling water, so no snow, no heavy rain, no sun can affect its strength, and that’s where its durability comes from.

If you want to know the exact meaning of durability in teak terms, think of the kind of furniture that lasts generation after generation. The furniture of a lifetime! It doesn’t even weather much like other types of wood, and you can treat it to protect it in case you’re not into weathering, but truth be told you’d also fall in love with the way teak weathers, from honey brown to patina grey.

Speaking of sustainability, you can ensure your purchase is such by paying attention to whether it has the FSC certification. The A grade addition is another bonus, meaning you get the best of the best. As for maintenance, as mentioned previously there’s no need to treat teak to protect it out of necessity to protect it by using varnish, or paint, it’s all up to your taste.