Why It’s Important To Continue Mowing Grass even in Winter

If you are enthusiastic about your curb appeal like I am, I bet you spend all of your weekends pushing a lawn mower until every inch of your yard looks perfect. While mowing was enjoyable during the warmer months and allowed me to get a sun tan, although I never went to the beach, now that it’s winter, this activity can be dreadful if you don’t have the right mower. You might think your lawn does not need much care during the cold months, however if you let it grow too tall it can become prey to burrowing animals and field mice looking for a warm place to hide. And nobody wants a rat infested property, right? So, if you don’t own one already, there’s no more urgent time to buy a lawn mower than winter.


While some homes might be lucky enough to not be under the risk of attracting rats or burrowing animals, there’s no reason not to continue mowing your grass even in winter. The fact is, grass does not stop growing despite the cold. It might only reduce the pace of growth, but if you believe you should not mow you are sabotaging the meticulous look of your lawn. As we very well know, our Australia is regularly subject to warm spells even in the dead of winter. A few days of sunshine and warm air can be all your lawn needs to gain a centimetre in height. And one centimetre is like a meter in lawn proportions.

If you don’t want to sacrifice the mint condition of your front yard, I would suggest to buy a lawn mower or bring out the one you’ve stored away in your garage. Since winter is not the usual time to be cutting grass, you need to be careful and adjust your mower’s settings to a lighter level suited for low grass. In winter, the best type of mower would be the one with a mulcher. Mulching mowers chop the grass very finely and deposit it back into the turf. This allows you to get the best of both worlds – delicate cutting of the grass and fertilization at the same time. And getting the necessary nutrients during winter can result in a fresh and glowing lawn come summer.


Of course, if you plan to buy a lawn mower this winter, you need to also consider that it’s an investment you’ll be using all year round. Therefore, go for a powerful and durable model. Petrol-powered mowers are the most potent cutting tools with a long lifespan and fewer moving parts that require maintenance. Electric models, on the other hand, are cheaper but are restricted by their power cord. Which means you’ll get to use the mower as far as the cord allows you to. Concerning mechanism of operation, push mowers are better because they give you more control, as opposed to the self-propelled types.