Which Hearing Aid is Right for You?

If you’re experiencing hearing problems, that you know the pain: besides not being able to participate in conversations or take part in any other vocal activities, you often feel sad, disappointed and kind of completely cut-off from the rest of the world. Luckily, technology hasn’t forgotten about your problem and with the use of good hearing aids your problem is almost fixed; all you need is just to get the one that suits your needs and of course, make the right choice of brand.

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I should instantly say that most people fall under the influence of the “high price tag” doubt and start looking for something cheaper in order to compromise. A friendly advice: do not compromise on quality ever; a hearing aid is an investment for yourself and your better participation in the everyday life around you and ultimately, an investment in making your hearing health better. So, how do you choose the right hearing aid? First, you need to visit a specialized audiology Melbourne based practice.

Know exactly the degree to which your hearing is damaged

Don’t play ‘hide and seek’ with facts; that’s just a waste of time. Instead find an audiology Melbourne practice with licensed audiologists and schedule a check-up. It’s always better to face reality on time and do something about it than fight it and suffer its negative effects. Your audiologist will tell you exactly how much is your hearing damaged and whether a hearing aid can help you or not. If a hearing aid is a possibility, then the next phase is to choose the most suitable type for you.

In-the-ear or a behind-the-ear one?

The hearing aid you choose should first be tested for suitability with the degree of damage of your hearing; can the one you choose make your hearing better? The second issue to consider is the aesthetics: will you mind it if the aid is visible, or you want it to be completely invisible? These are the types of issues to discuss with your audiologist. Generally, there are the in-the-ear hearing aids which, as their name suggests, are the invisible ones since they’re placed inside the ear canal, and the behind-the-ear ones which are attached on the outer piece of the ear shell and obviously, are visible to some degree. With the implementation of the latest technology in this area, almost all brands of hearing aids are now digital.

The brand

There are a number of popular brands of hearing aids being sold in Australia that you can choose from and they all differ by certain features and characteristics.


the German manufacturer has been producing hearing aids and other devices for more than 130 years. Among the most popular from them is the Binax, which offers better speech understanding through improving the clarity of the speech you receive, and the offered comfort of the background noise.


this is an American manufacturer of hearing aids and is most famous for producing very small hearing devices. Among them is the Soundlens 2, which is invisible and gives an amazing sound quality in very noisy environments.


founded in Denmark, this company produces hearing aids that are quite innovative with very fancy design and solid technology. The ReSound LINX2 is unique since it’s made for iPhone. As such, it can stream music and phone calls directly into your hearing aid from your Apple device.