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Nowadays, when global economy is showing disappointing results with unemployment rates on the rise, budgets being cut and increasing debt, many are in search of a better life. But, which country can provide a steady job, good salary and decent living conditions when it seems that the whole world has been diagnosed with this ‘poverty’ infection. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Australia is the ‘happiest’ place on Earth. In the recent study which took into account the average household income, unemployment rate, number of people working overtime, voter turnout in elections, etc., Australia was ranked the highest. And it’s no wonder why – strong and stable currency, good educational and health systems, loving climate and breathtaking sites are just few of the reasons why Australia is No.1 tourist and immigration destination.

But before you apply for 457 visa Australia, visit the official website of Department of Immigration and read about requirements and visa assessment procedure. It is very important to get familiarize with Australian laws and migration procedures if you plan on lodging an application on your own. However, due to the fact that Australian requirements and immigration laws change, it is best to seek assistance from someone who has enough experience and knowledge – a migration expert. This is someone who is very much familiar with all Australian legal procedures and is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Make sure the person you entrust with your visa application has all required licenses and certificates to operate as an immigration agent. For added protection and certainty, visit MARA websites for a list of approved agents.

Before you hire an Australian migration agent, request a contract stating all the services an agent will perform as well as an outline of all applicable fees. Read the terms of the contract and do not sign until you fully understand it. If there is something you do not understand or think it does not apply to you, ask questions to clarify. Also, make sure you ask your immigration agent Melbourne about his/her fields of expertise; years of experience and outcomes of prior cases similar to yours. The agent of your choice should be able to answer any question related to immigrating to Australia – what are your options? Which type of visa you should apply for? How long the process last? The main thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of how experienced your registered Australian migration agent is, he/she has no influence or can in any way affect the outcome of your visa application. The decision to approve or deny a visa depends solely on the Australian Department of Immigration.

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