Trucks: Australian Transportation Industry: Market Statistics And Trends Archive

The Australian transportation industry has been trough a period of transition with new infrastructure investments and regulatory reforms. And it is expected for the sector to face significant challenges in the future as well. However, despite all the industry changes, the road freight transport industry sector has been dominating the Australian non-bulk freight market, leading advantages in price, reliability, convenience, and speed.

Large vehicles are being able to transport goods between and across states, posing a competitive threat to the rail freight, airfreight and water freight industries. In Australia, new and used trucks provide the main mode of transport for non-bulk freight. And in terms of revenue and employment, the road freight transport industry leads the transport and storage sector with over 190,000 employes and over $50 billion in revenue. These numbers are expected to increase in the next years.

Innovative technology, reliable commercial vehicles and an increased number of online commercial companies are the main causes for the changes in the industry. And that is influencing the sales of new and used trucks in Australia and increasing lucrative opportunities for industry leaders as well as single-driver companies.

Nowadays, the road freight transport industry accounts for around 80% of the revenue generated by the total Australian transportation industry. And this is also leading an increased completion between road transportation companies. Every truck owner with proper documentation can offer road transport services. According to the industry experts, this trend will continue. So if you are in the trucking business, follow industry reports and statistics closely to ensure you make profitable business decisions.

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