Top Factors to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Covers

When you are looking for ways to protect your bike, it’s usually because you want to protect it from the elements or keep it out of thieves’ sight. Fortunately, quality covers can help with both. And while there aren’t that many things that you should pay attention to when buying (we’ll go through the basics), there are a lot of brands you can choose from. There are even some covers made for specific bike models. Here are all the factors you’ll need to keep in mind when shopping for motorcycle covers.

Motorcycle Cover


It may be something you think you can eyeball, but don’t be so sure about it – looks can deceive sometimes. While covers are made to fit multiple model sizes, it’s best to first measure the width, height, and length of your ride – this way the chances of you getting the wrong cover are close to none. You should also look if there are motorcycle covers that are made to fit your exact bike model or at least the model series. When taking measurements of your bike, double check each measurement and also check if there are any sizing charts listed on the seller’s website. Even if you still end up getting the wrong cover, as long as it’s bigger than your ride, it’s going to be fine.


Obviously, thicker motorcycle covers will have a higher price than tinner ones, but that doesn’t always mean that they are going to be more durable. How strong and how durable a cover is, will depend on the material that it is made from. For example, thinner covers are usually made from nylon sheet or some other type of synthetic material. Thicker covers, on the other hand, are made either of a lightweight or a heavyweight polyester. However, although the heavyweight one will protect it better from the elements, it can also scuff the paintwork. To protect your bike from both factors, your best bet is to get a cover that has a lining made from softer cotton.


Covers are typically used outdoors, people usually get thicker (more expensive) ones to protect their ride from rain and snow. But what you should also pay attention to is that the cover is made of a breathable material because rust and mold may damage parts of your bike if it doesn’t get proper ventilation. Indoor motorcycle covers are usually thinner, which makes them easier to store. They are made to keep dust or any debris falling on your bike and are ideal if you want your ride to look brand new even after it’s been stored several months in the garage.