Tips on Buying a Circular Saw

A circular saw is an in-hand power-saw that uses rotary spinning to move a blade that follows a track that cuts the material. Depending on what kind of blade you use, this saw can also cut metal objects, tiles and pipes. The blades are easy to change, you can do it by hand, making it very easy to modify and use. You can buy circular saws from a lot of physical stores in Australia, but you can also find circular saws for sale online.

circular saws

Circular saws have multiple uses because there is a big variety of blades for them. You can use multi-purpose blades but they are not that efficient. The recommended use of a particular blade is usually printed on the disc itself.

  • Crosscut – Crosscutting wood
  • Ripping – Ripping wood
  • Combination – All purpose wood cutting
  • Fine-tooth finish – Smooth cutting
  • Finish or paneling – Used for thinner materials like laminate, plywood, etc.
  • Nail-cutting – Objects with nails in them
  • Metal-cutting – Metal sheets and pipes
  • Abrasive wheel – Metal
  • Dry-diamond – Tiles
  • Dado-cut – Used for table circular saws to cut wood

When you find a store that has circular saws for sale you need to determine whether they come with all necessary requirements. A circular saw should include the following:

  • Blade guard – that holsters the blade when not in use;
  • Foot plate – that keeps the saw steady;
  • Depth adjustment – so you have control over the thickness of the cuts;
  • Bevel adjustment – lets you cut sideways and have control over the angel;
  • A few extra discs – this can be optional in some stores but it is efficient.

There are different sizes of circular saws for sale, depending on the diameter of their blades, the most common size being 20cm. There are two main circular saw types to choose from sidewinder or worm drive.

The sidewinder saw is the basic traditional circular saw. Its motor is attached perpendicular to blade and they are directly connected by a shaft that moves the disc. Sidewinder saws are smaller and more practical for most jobs that require a circular saw then the worm drive.

The worm drive saw unlike the sidewinder has the motor at a right angle to the blade. The motor uses gears to speed up the rotation speed of the disc, which is why it’s used for heavy-duty jobs.
These saws are bigger then the sidewinder type and they tend to be less noisy.

When it comes to power use you can choose from two types of saws, cordless and corded.

The cordless saws run on batteries and are useful for cramped or high places, they are smaller than the corded saws for this particular reason. They are better for smaller tasks like cutting wood because using them for something more powerful would drain their batteries. The corded saws don’t depend on batteries but they do require a special extension cord to work. They are used for heavier jobs due to the unlimited power supply.