Spice Up Your Modern Interior with a Dash of Vintage

Though we live at a time where there’s no shortage on styles, I must say things have started getting a bit (or more) soulless as of late. The modern interior décors I’ve been seeing lately all over magazines may be working in favour of openness, but certainly not in evoking pleasantness. I think there lies the reason we happen to grow tired of our interior surroundings sooner or later, and end up being in need of change so eagerly.
The solution to this somewhat stale result is to turn to none other than timeless design pieces with their unique details that would bring about the charms of bygone eras, and easily refresh your interior by personalising it. If you don’t know how to shake up your open space kitchen and dining area, look no further than a crossback chair.


A versatile piece in a beautiful style evoking the craftsmanship of decades ago, this chair features armrests, a wider seat, curved back support, and rattan seating to provide utmost long sitting comfort, whose colour, and materials, are also bound to match your kitchen’s ambiance harmoniously. Along with a crossback chair, you can further add some more character to your interior by bringing in the charms of a chandelier.

Chandeliers are classy, intricate lighting fixtures that never go out of style, and wherever they are included, they immediately make the place (any place) more intimate, warmer, and definitely brighter, so you can add them in any room. This is the lighting fixture that would prove to you that vintage and modern go well together, and you’d wonder why you didn’t make this addition earlier.

In fact, when you pair vintage with modern you create an interior timeline, from past to present day. To emphasise the impact, place an old fashioned gilt framed mirror reflecting the chandelier light. As for the bedroom, a detailed vintage French provincial wardrobe would do the trick. Then again, if you don’t exactly want to change your current wardrobe, you can throw in some vintage charms by placing an ottoman, with detailed upholstery, right beside your bed, along with some French provincial bedside tables.

When it comes to the living room, there are so many elements you can use, from the ornamented candleholders, striking wall clocks, or unique furniture pieces like a vintage coffee table. You can count on a grand impression when you don’t forget to include some vintage elements in the foyer as well, be it a hall tree, or damask wallpaper. You’d love the outcome!