Small Living: The Struggles of the Kitchen and Dining Room Area

Though the idea of small living is certainly not a recent one, its popularity is, mainly because this planet of ours is getting pretty crowded for all of us, particularly in the cities. It also has to do with the rising popularity of minimalist designs.

Having all of the benefits in mind, it’s not difficult to see why it’s grown into such a trend to live small: there’s less debt, less time spent on maintenance and cleaning, and less of a carbon footprint as a result, so it’s not only budget friendly, but eco-friendly as well.Round Dining Table

Now, as appealing as it may be, there are still some challenges you’d come across when you first decide to go small. The dilemma you’d get is how to fill up the interior so it would be spacious yet functional at the same time. Take for instance the kitchen and the dining room – the main concerns as soon as you decide to make the groundbreaking chance.

When you live small, the kitchen and the dining room are usually together (if you have two separate rooms for the purpose, are you even living small?!), so the best way to use the space is to go for other options instead of the traditional ones. Why go for the usual rectangular table, when you can create a cosy atmosphere with a round dining table?

With all of the ingenious Scandinavian design pieces, it’s not difficult to find the sleek, smooth, and simple dining tables, made of sturdy and durable materials, created to be timeless and bring as much stylishness as functionality into your home.

More on the pros of a round dining table – you can easily bond with family over meals! In case you have corners to fill up, you can opt for benches placed right beside the walls instead of chairs on those sides and make enough room for everyone.

Another necessity in the kitchen plus dining room combo is shelving, lots and lots of shelving. Sure, you might be enchanted by cabinets, but sticking to floating shelves is more space-savvy, and can be of help when it comes to easy organising. This way you keep everything at hand, all of the pans, and utensils, neatly.

Since there’s not enough space for counters, you have to learn how to use a furniture piece for more than one purpose. The solution lies in relying on retractable built-in furniture, so the retractable counter, for example, can be used as a counter, as well as for an induction cooktop.

Though it may not seem so at first, with time you don’t only get used to living small, but you fall in love with it too. Besides, you can’t deny it teaches a person more on how to be creative in finding solutions.