Self Watering Planters: So Many Perks, So Little Hassle

Do you have a black thumb? Are you thinking about getting a few fake plants and call it a day? If this sounds like you, you may have one more option to try and that is the revolutionary mechanism of self-watering planters. What makes self-watering planters different from traditional ones is the way they alter the watering process – which is your biggest issue as a plant killer.


Watering Simplified

These planters feature a reservoir that you’ll need to fill with water, from which the plants can absorb whatever quantity they need. What this means is that with these planters you are both relying on the smart system of the mechanism and the intelligence of the plants themselves. Once the reservoir is filled, you’re set for a week or even longer, all you’ll have to do is check the indicator from time to time. This will give you a peace of mind especially if you have a busy lifestyle, or for when you want to go on a holiday for up to 10 days without having to bother anyone to take care of your plants’ watering needs.

Nutrients Retention

Preventing loss of nutrients is another great perk that comes with self watering planter boxes. Since there are no pores available below the port (as is the case with traditional planters), the water doesn’t go anywhere and neither do the nutrients from the soil. The incorporated bottom reservoir also stimulates the roots to grow deeper in order to find the moisture supply. This can result in larger stems and branches above which in turn means even more foliage, flowers and fruit, depending on the plant type you decide to grow.

More Placement Options

The fact that you won’t have to water your plants manually daily gives you more versatility in terms of location. For instance, if you have a spare wall where you want to add a splash of colour in a unique way, many smart self watering pots can be easily mounted vertically.

A great option for those of you who are short on floor space, you can also install one or two of these planters on your balcony rail. If you do have more than enough floor space, on the other hand, you can combine them and use them as room dividers.

Various Plant Type Options

There are many types of plants ( you can successfully grow in self watering planter boxes. In fact, you can even dabble in urban gardening and become a proud grower of your own produce.