Room Partitions: How to Divide & Conquer an Open Floor Plan with Style

Room Partitions
The modern world is becoming increasingly strapped for space, and this is nowhere more evident than in our interior design choices. Today, open floor plans are a popular home arrangement which enables people to make their small space feel larger than it actually is. While there are a lot of benefits to this kind of living (it increases intimacy between people, it’s perfect for entertaining guests and watching over kids), it does come with its own struggles. Lack of privacy and organization are some of the issues open floor plan owners face. Luckily, it can all be solved with versatile room partitions. Here are some tips on how to stylishly divide and conquer your space.

Create Separate Zones

In a space that’s a blend of a living room, kitchen, and dining room, it’s only normal that the number one problem will be creating functional zones. Defining separate zones is essential for better organizing your space and reducing clutter. The addition of room partitions can be used to create an illusion of separate areas, without disturbing the open character as they do not add visual weight like drywalls or bookcases do. The great thing about these stylish décor pieces is that they are portable, so you can arrange your space however you like.

Increase Privacy in a Shared Space

Room Partitions
When you’re living in an open floor plan it’s easy to feel like you have your privacy taken away from you. Well not any more! Room partitions can function as your personal privacy shield whenever you want to hide yourself away from it all. Want your children to stay away from the kitchen while you’re cooking? Simply put up a partition in front of it. In need of some private relaxation time? Close yourself off in a corner with a book and enjoy your alone time without being disturbed. Not to mention how partitions can function as a dressing room whenever you need one. Convenience at its finest!

Make a Stylish Statement

In a home that is strapped for space, it can be difficult to express your creative style and use décor without overwhelming the space. The good news is that room partitions can also function as stylish statements. The fact that they originate from Asia gives them a certain exotic appeal that can give more depth to your interior. Today, you can find a variety of designs fit for every style – from vintage wooden screens to colourful accordion dividers. Inspire yourself by the look of your interior and get creative in choosing a stylish partition as a unique statement piece.