Protein Rich Foods to Indulge In

This is not quantum mechanics so that you cannot understand it; protein is an essential building element of the human body; it’s a polymer chain made of amino acids linked together by the so called peptide bonds. Chemistry aside, to put it in a simpler manner, you need to consume protein rich foods in enough large quantities so that your body’s needs are satisfied. And by ‘needs’ I mean healthy tissues, healthy and strong muscles, healthy hair and nails, good skin and overall optimal health. Think of it this way; there’s no life without protein. That being said loud and clear, the next important thing is to choose the right foods and supplements for the right amount of protein intake.

Besides visiting the market for a few baskets of fruit and veggies, it is good to look through the supplements Australia online stores and get that extra protein boost in the form of capsules, powders or granules; especially if you are an athlete, this is more than recommended for you. So, what exactly should your menu contain?

First things first, let’s do the math: proteins contain about 20 different amino acids, out of which 8 are essential and need to be taken through the food we consume, and the other 12 are non-essential and thus can be produced in the body. The time of consuming different types of protein also matters a lot; whey protein should be taken during the day, particularly after exercising because it digests very quickly. Casein protein has the opposite effect, and as such should be taken before bed, or between meals. This is especially useful if you do a lot of intensive training; you need the food you consume to support your workout and help you build the muscle mass you so much desire. So the next good thing to do is to browse the Internet for some protein supplements Australia online stores offer; if you have the luck to find some with natural ingredients, you have really hit the jack pot!

Knowing all this, and the additional fact that you need about 1 gram of protein on every kilogram of your weight, you should make sure your menu contains the following ingredients:



Eggs are among the highest sources of protein. They contain about 6 grams of protein, which means all 20 amino acids. On the negative side is the fact that your cholesterol levels may increase if you eat too much eggs, causing you trouble with blood circulation. Of course, this doesn’t stand for sporty athletes since they tend to turn all that protein material into exercising fuel, but still – it is good to control it. A good alternative to eating too much eggs in a day is to get protein supplements from the wide supplement Australia online offer. A good omelette a day does not need to cost you high cholesterol.




2.Fish and seafood

Omega-3-fatty acids are the reason why seafood is so highly recommended for everyone who wants an optimal health. Omega 3 fatty acids are not produced in the body, and that is why it is important to consume fish and seafood at least once a week. Some people do not eat fish, and they are most likely to have a shortage of omega-3-fatty acids which can be seen on their skin primarily: they have wrinkles at early age! Try putting salmon on your menu at least on the weekends; you will have more time to prepare it and definitely more time to enjoy


There is still a fierce debate on the question whether vegetarian and vegan regimes are beneficial for people due to the lack of protein coming from meat. Soy and all the products made from it: soy meat, soy beans, soy milk and similar, happen to be very rich in protein: for instance, 1 cup of soybeans contains about 29 grams of protein. So, if the only concern in the debate is the actual amount of protein in these food regimes, than there is no doubt – vegans and vegetarians consume enough protein; but if the concern is the lack of meat protein, than the discussion may go on.turkey

4.Chicken and Turkey

There is no bodybuilding meal on Earth (except the before mentioned vegan and vegetarian ones) that does not contain at least one chicken breast or chicken wings. Plus, all those turkey sandwiches that are so yummy are also very beneficial. Chicken and turkey meat contain lean proteins and are packed with saturated fat.yogurt


This is a really protein rich food, suitable for everyone. It is actually a combination of casein and whey protein. It contains no lactose, so lactose intolerant people should have no problems consuming it. This is a great option for breakfast, combined with some oatmeal and honey – yummy.