Porcelain Veneers: Solutions to Your Dental Problems

Do you dream of a smile that shines with celebrity-like perfection? I suppose the perfect answer to this one is: Is that even a question? Sadly, not everyone has been blessed with naturally beautiful and perfectly aligned teeth, not even celebrities.

In fact, most of the celebrities with a great smile are the same people who had not so appealing teeth before they became famous. Just take a look at these before-and-after pictures of celebrities’ teeth makeovers and you will see that most of them owe their smile to cosmetic dentistry.

Dental implants, teeth whitening, oral bonding, crowns, bridges and dental veneers are the most important cosmetic dentistry procedures that are used for improving teeth aesthetic.

Porcelain dental veneers are a tremendously important part of cosmetic dentistry. They are made of special, medical-grade porcelain that resembles the structure and colour of the natural dental enamel. Unlike the direct veneers, the porcelain veneers never lose the colour and shine and are far more durable. When it comes to the shape of the veneers, there isn’t an one-size-fits-all solution. The specific form and shape is crafted for each patient individually.

Porcelain dental veneers

Are You a Candidate for Dental Veneers

You know you are a candidate for applying veneers over your teeth if you have one or more teeth that are: chipped, cracked, misaligned, worn or discolored. Also, dental veneers are the perfect solution for fulfilling gaps between teeth.

What Do You Need Before Undergoing This Treatment

  • You Must be Certain About Your Decision – It is true that veneers will transform your smile forever. But, it is also a fact that before attaching the veneers your dentist will remove a layer of your teeth enamel, in order to make room for them. This means that you won’t be able to restore the damage that will be done to your teeth and in case you decide to remove the porcelain dental veneers, you’ll have to find a suitable alternative. For this reason, before you make an appointment for this type of cosmetic dental treatment, you must be completely certain about your decision.
  • Your Teeth and Gums Must Be Healthy – Aside from the physical damages of your teeth, you must make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Gum infections, diseases as well as tooth decay and tooth canal infections are serious dental issues that must be treated and completely eliminated before attaching the porcelain dental veneers.
  • You Should Find a Reputable Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic – For flawless results and no side effects of improperly fitted veneers, make it a point to find a trustworthy cosmetic dentistry clinic. This type of procedures are performed by dentists specialized in cosmetic dentistry. Make sure you find a highly-qualified and experienced dentist you can trust.