Pop Up Sun Shade – a Must-Have Shelter to Make the Most Out of a Beach Day

Whenever the weather is sunny and warm, there’s a high chance you’ll find me and my family on the nearest beach. Having the advantage of living near the coast allows us to have unlimited family beach fun and reap the amazing benefits of the salt water and sand. And what I’ve learnt from these frequent outings is that you can never be too prepared – especially when it comes to sun protection.

Whether you’re out for a day, or on a full seven-day vacation at the beach, spending too much time in the sun is bad for you. And my son unfortunately had to learn this personally after getting a sunburn. But even if you’ve applied a generous amount of sunscreen with a good SPF factor of 30+, remaining directly under the sun for too long is still not a good idea as it can lead to dizziness and dehydration. Staying in shade whenever possible is a great way to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays and remain refreshingly cool, especially between 10am-4pm when the sun is the strongest.

When it comes to providing a good amount of sun protection, no umbrella can beat the convenience that comes with a pop up beach sun shade. Compared to the partial coverage that beach umbrellas provide, pop up shades offer a full protection against UV rays. They are also very structurally designed and come with sturdy and water-resistant poles, ensuring that your shade won’t fly off (which is very common with lighter umbrellas). Despite this sturdy design, pop up shades are easy to set up and easy to take apart when you’re ready to go home.

Another great advantage of the pop up beach sun shade is that it protects your privacy. You can simply go inside this tent-like structure and change into your swimming suit, nurse or change your baby’s diaper, away from plain sight and similar things that you need a bit privacy for. Plus, whenever you go to the beach with your baby, you can have a peace of mind knowing that there’s no sand on the ground, that he/she can put in the mouth, as its floor is entirely covered and sawn in.

If you’re planning to buy such a mini beach tent, my advice would be to look for a UV resistant material with a 50+ UPF rating. Not only does this mean you’ll get the optimal amount of protection, but it also means that the fabric is more durable and will last you for many years to come.