Organising a Tiny Kitchen: Be Space-Savvy

Since the quality of life has somewhat risen to a higher level (to which our country isn’t an exception), there’s also been considerable rise in the population worldwide, rising to seven billion in 2011. As a result of this, the amount of crammed cityscapes has also increased, and the solution to this seems to be in compact living.

By this I refer to the trend of tiny homes that I myself have fallen in love with, and started living in a small home of 18m2. Well, it’s not as hardcore as this 8m2 home in Tokyo, but I still needed time to adjust. Managing it, and cleaning it, turned out to be a piece of cake, except for a problem. Trying to furnish it accordingly, space-savvy, and looking for the homewares online store that could provide that was no easy thing, because I came across many items that caught my eye but my home’s size talked me out of getting them.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s not having enough space for a normal, functional kitchen. An apartment isn’t a home without an adequate kitchen! Instead of letting my lack of space break my spirits, I came up with the idea to be more prudent with my storage, so I’d still get all the homewares online store bakeware products I’d set my mind on.

Living in a tiny home teaches you how to use up as much of the vertical space as you can, so you can pile up on racks on kitchen cabinets, and a rail over the sink to fit all the lovely bakeware items (pots, and pans), like I did. Also, you learn how to rely on the beauty of retractable shelves, which can be installed in the under sink compartment, and not to mention how much an over-the-sink shelf can come in handy when preparing dinner for that special someone, and you lack counter space!

It’s always better to have glasses, plates, cups, as well as measuring cups at hand, so the way I managed to get all that was by adding small shelves right above the sink, and shelves in shelves (shelves always save the day!), as well as hanging hooks and corkboards right on the inside of cabinet doors – perfect spot for all the spices too.

And, of course, nothing without foldable furniture, in the likes of table and chairs. The bonus of having a table like that is using it as an extra counter, and at times, storage space. Life in a tiny home can be lovely, and not the least bit challenging, when you learn how to take compactness to your advantage.