Massage – A Necessity Rather Than A Luxury


Many associate massage with luxury spas, expensive essential oils, oriental aroma of scented candles and soothing music. And of course, a fat wallet. Yes, these are more or less components of relaxing massage, but know that you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy one. Thanks to growing awareness of all health benefits, massage is being recognized as an effective medical solution used to heal headache, cramps, back and joint pain. The 60 minutes of relaxing massage will promote blood flow, increase oxygen supply to the body, relieve stress and boost mood and energy levels. This is why massage is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Experts say that frequent massage is good for your physical and mental health. And no wonder why. Ancient civilizations relied on this healing technique to fight many diseases. However, even though growing number of people are very much in tune with all the healing benefits of a massage, not everyone can afford money nor time for regular visits to local spas. Thankfully, today there are many alternatives to traditional massage which involves a human touch. From hand-held massagers and relaxation pillows to zero gravity chairs for massage. Therapists swear by these modern massage gadgets which can treat chronic diseases and relieve tension and stress of today’s modern and very busy lives. These gadgets do a lot more than just relax the body – they are loaded with innovative technology and numerous features which help relieve and prevent numerous diseases caused by stress.

In fact, experts estimate that about 80% of diseases are caused by stress. This is why massage is recommended and is the most talked about topic worldwide. Aside from the fact that it relaxes body muscles and reduces anxiety, massage lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation, promotes better sleep, increases concentration, boosts mood and energizes. It provides emotional balance which improves brain function. However, only with regular massage will you achieve this. Doctors say that people who receive massage 2-3 times a week have better chances of fighting insomnia and stress. They recommend any type of massage and say that even 15 minutes of using foot massager or spent in massage chair will relax body muscles, calm mind, release tension and reduce stress.

Most massage therapists say it is best to take advantage of the massage early in the morning. This is the ideal way to recharge your batteries and handle daily tasks with ease. Or relax with an evening massage which will relax muscles and joints and releases tension build from hours spent in the office.

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