Make your kitchen unique place according to Feng Shui

There are many ways to freshen up your kitchen without spending a lot of money. With few small and quick, but important changes, your kitchen will become more stylish, functional and comfortable. It’s enough to do a simple kitchen facelift, like updating cabinet handles, color of the walls, replacing cabinet doors, etc. Use your imagination or hire professionals for kitchen renovation Melbourne and make this important room even more pleasant. But regardless of how much money you invest in your kitchen renovation, if you do not maintain it, it’s all just waist of money. It is very important to keep your kitchen clean all the time to attract positive energy. After all, this is where you prepare food for you and your family.

unique kitchen

According to Feng Shui it is essential for your kitchen to always be clean and neatly arranged in order to attract positive energy. Do not leave dirty dishes in sink for day or two and always do a quick clean-up after every meal. How well you care for the kitchen says a lot about you and your character. Therefore, it must always be neat and clutter free.

Sink and refrigerator symbolize water elements according to Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method of arranging a home. Stove, grill and oven symbolize fire, which is why it is recommended not to keep the appliances from these two groups close to each other. Try to place them as far away from each other to create perfect harmony. Also, since metal brings prosperity according to Feng Shui, it is good to have stainless steel kitchen appliances for luck.

One of the most important things is the location of your kitchen. It is ‘disastrous’ for a family peace to have kitchen located near the front door. Instead, it should be located in the heart of your home in order to keep harmonious family atmosphere undisturbed by foreign energy. Also, it is not recommended for the kitchen to be in the Northwest part of the house. Feng Shui associates this with the father figure and symbolizes a place where divine energy flows out of the home. In case your kitchen is precisely in the Northwest part of the house, it is mandatory to place the stove in the Northwest part of the kitchen. Otherwise, your family will be faced with misery and various diseases. Also, it is imperative for the kitchen to be in a light place which features plentiful of day light and thus attract positive energy.

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