Is The Masticating Fruit Juicer Better Than Centrifugal Machine?

Is the masticating fruit juicer better than centrifugal machine? I’ll get straight to the point with this one: it definitely is.

The point of juicing is to get all the healthy components from the fruits and vegetables in the most natural form possible. And if you use heat and expose the ingredients to air, how can you expect to get a healthy juice?

This is the biggest downside to traditional or centrifugal juicers; they cut down on nutrients through the process of extracting the juice from the fruit and veggies because they use heat and air exposure during the extracting process. Masticating juicers on the other side, are known as ‘cold-pressed’ juicers which means they press and grind the material without heat being added during the process. So how will you prepare your next refreshing fruit&veggies juice? By using a masticating fruit juicer, of course. Here’s why.



Juice is of higher quality

A masticating fruit juicer allows you to get a juice packed with nutrients because nothing is shredded to pieces in the machine thus, oxidation doesn’t happen. And oxidation by itself means a lot of healthy substances being altered, which is definitely not the point of juicing.

There’s more juice!

A centrifugal machine simply can’t produce as much juice as you’d want it to. And what does this mean? It means more money spent on fruit and veggies! Yes, yes, you read that right. Since you’ll only get little juice that won’t satisfy your needs, you’ll need to use more produce, which is more money. Maybe it won’t mean much at once, but in the long term, it is like buying another machine! With a masticating juicer, the amount of juice you get in terms of quantity is way more, so I believe this is more than a good reason.

Nutritionally packed!

Maybe some of you hate it when a little pulp ends up in the juice, but if you think about it, this is actually a good thing. Little pieces of fiber and protein end up in your juice! How can this be something you’re willing to give up? Wasn’t your goal a healthier drink in the first place?

Not just for fruits.

We were talking about a masticating fruit juicer because we’re in the mood for fruit juice made of citrus, lemon and an orange right now, but this does not mean a masticating juicer is designed for juicing fruits only. You can make any combination you want, starting from green leafy veggies, hard vegetables, fruit and even seeds if you want to! Either way, your combination is going to be a real vitamin bomb! Cheers to health!