Top Low-Cost Design Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Home

Looking for a creative way to enhance the look of your space without undertaking a major project? I have the answer for you – add colour! And I’m not talking about painting all your walls in different tones and turning your home into a circus. Instead, add some small pops of colour that will make a huge difference in your interior design. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to add more interest without overwhelming your space.


Blinds don’t necessarily need to blend with the walls – they can be the perfect way to add some colour to a room. Break the monotonous look of an all-white room with colourful blinds. They come in a range of hues, textures, and patterns which makes it that much easier to find a model that you love and perfectly fits your interior. Blinds in brown, orange and yellow are a great choice for living and dining rooms as they make these parts of the home look more inviting and warm. Furthermore, window blinds in bright or dark red tones contribute towards a more sophisticated appearance. To make your room look more classy and clean, dress your windows in soft, feathery grey blinds.


Whether it is an original art piece or a printed artwork, art is another easy way to make a room more unique. A large piece of art on a white wall is the definition of timeless decor. Plus, it can add a touch of colour and complement the existing ambiance. If you are renting your home and are not allowed to make holes in the walls, simply lay the piece of art against a wall to achieve a chic, artistic effect. Adding a collection of small pieces of art and photographs is also a great way to infuse a blank wall with some colour and personality.

Pillows, Rugs & Accessories

Pillows are definitely a budget-friendly solution that can positively affect the entire design scheme and ambiance if you choose the right colours and patterns. Throw in a set of stylish, lively pillows on your sofa or in your bed to refresh and update the look of that room. Similarly, a patterned or bright rug laid against a hardwood floor is a fast and easy way to add comfort and make your space look more inviting. Vases, plants and picture frames of your exciting adventures are also a cost-effective way to add some interest and personality to your home.