Hygiene Before Relaxation: The Importance of Cleaning Spa Pools

Dipping into a hot spa has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, so you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones for owning a spa pool at home.

What could be better than having the luxury of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home, reaping all the relaxing and health benefits, like stress reduction, alleviating aches, pains, and improving the cardiovascular system and sleep?

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However to be able to reap those benefits, you have to know how to properly maintain hygiene regularly cleaning the spa pool. This is a chore you can’t allow yourself to skip, for your own good.

If you don’t know where to start, acquiring spa chemicals online specialised stores offer is a good option. It’s essential to maintain the pH levels of the water and that’s exactly what chemicals can help you with, and no, it’s not just chlorine when it comes to sanitation.

When the water is low in total alkalinity other than being bad for your health, causing skin and eye irritation, bacterial infections and sickness, it’s also bad for the spa pool and equipment itself as it can lead to corrosion.

Additionally, there are spa chemicals online specifically created to remove debris that can get to the filter. This doesn’t just go for debris like leaves from trees, but also from our bodies. Other than dirt, oil, and sweat, we can leave out lotion and makeup, and the more the spa pool is used, the dirtier it gets.

Along with regularly applying chemicals to clear out this debris that can easily pile up and turn the pool into the ideal place for bacteria breeding, it’s advisable for users to take a shower before and after every use of the pool.

No matter how clean you think you are, a shower always comes in handy so don’t be afraid to let others in on this rule too before they decide to plunge in. In case you’re a germophobe, you might consider the combination of chlorine and UV sanitisers as it guarantees killing microbes.

It’s equally important to drain out the spa pool every now and then, then clean every part of it thoroughly, and if possible, it’s best to purchase some cleaning accessories that ensure cleaning is efficient, like the brushes, vacuums, and skimmer nets.

We have to point out same as picking your chemicals carefully, you should know how to apply them and in the needed amount so that they are efficient and not dangerous for your health.

Clean away and enjoy the therapy of hot water carefree!