Welcoming Hygge Into Your Bathroom

I’m sure you’ve already come across a thing or two about the craze that has to do with the Scandinavian style; how can you not, the whole world is going on and on about it! And with reasons too! As is the case with most trends, they come and go, but this one is here to stay as we can see, given the fact more and more people become passionate about welcoming it in their homes – welcoming its sophistication and simplicity.

Scandinavian Bathroom

If you wonder where to start when wanting to bring the Nordic charms in your abode, turn to Hygge – the Danish life philosophy, the state of utmost well-being at home. Hygge has absolutely swept people off their feet worldwide this year, making it the leading interior trend, something that’s not surprising taking its essential bases: warmth, comfort, and relaxation. I’m sure you’re already having ideas how to transform your living room and bedroom, but give the bathroom some thought too.

Hygge encompasses the home as a whole, so you can’t leave out the bathroom of the equation too. Now more than ever before this room is viewed as a sanctuary, thus it deserves to get the treatment as such. Danes associate warmth with plenty of light, and the perfect way to bring more light to the bathroom other than by windows, and enlarge the area visually, is through stylish makeup mirrors for sale. Available in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials, mirrors are versatile and have a crucial role in livening up the space.

Along with getting on the quest for the ideal mirror taking a look at the endless choices of makeup mirrors for sale, take care of comfort in the form of shower. Apart from ensuring you take care of safety, by getting a non-slip tray, and since hygge is all about home enjoyment and happiness, think of making the most of shower-time by pairing it with hydrotherapy in the form of hydromassage equipped shower cabin.

While you’re on your way turning your bathroom into a spa, don’t forget to count on the help of candles. They can bring about more warmth in the space, and of course, tranquillity – no wonder hygge embraces candles greatly. It’s all about pampering yourself, awakening all of your senses. Who said you can’t have romantic showertime on your own?

Remembering Scandinavians’ connectedness with nature, hygge is no exception, so you can’t go wrong by choosing to decorate with plants, surrounding yourself with their natural beauty. Besides, you get to purify your air! Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what to do in terms of colour: go for neutral, serene, calming tones – one of them, or a mix of them, it’s up to what pleases your eyes the most.